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The Satellite Juvenile Court of Washington Township and the City of Centerville is an official extension of the Montgomery County Juvenile Court. It was created in 1991 to benefit our community by giving area youth a greater awareness of the responsibilities of citizenship.

To contact the court, email Dawn Barnett at court@washingtontwp.org or call 433-0152.

The Court's Mission

  • To address citizen's concerns and give more attention to misdemeanor and first-time offender cases involving juveniles ages 7 to 18.
  • To intervene and try to keep young law offenders from developing permanent criminal tendencies, by making the juvenile realize that certain behavior could lead to something worse.

Types of Cases Handled

Misdemeanor cases may include underage possession of alcohol, disorderly conduct and unruly behavior, petty theft, criminal damaging, non-felony drug offenses and school truancy cases.

A case referral must meet required guidelines in order for it to be handled by the Satellite Court. Cases that will not be heard include most felony cases, traffic court cases or repeat offenders.


The Satellite Juvenile Court provides prompt, thorough and appropriate attention to offenses committed by juveniles in our community.

One of its biggest benefits is to instill a sense of respect for the community's laws. Our goal is for the court to be the first and only contact our children have with the justice system. Research shows early intervention and attention to misdemeanor criminal activity helps accomplish this.

Satellite Juvenile Court also benefits young people by fostering communication between parents, police agencies and the school system. Working closely with police departments is a basic function of the Satellite Court. When police see immediate results from the juvenile arrests they make, they are motivated to monitor the youth's activity more closely.

The opinions of the parents of the juveniles are important. When parents see that the community cares about its youth and will punish illegal behavior, they too, are more likely to monitor their children's behavior.


A Regional Model

The court's community service program has become a model for the region. Service has been performed at agencies such as:

Washington Township Recreation Center

Benham's Grove

Centerville Schools

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

Faith-Based Agencies

Centerville Police Department

Washington Township Fire Department

Community Service

The vast majority of children are assigned community service hours. In a sense, juveniles pay recompense to the same community whose laws have been violated. Their service benefits local agencies and potentially saves several thousands of dollars each year in paid work.

Here & Beyond

Community leaders have taken an active interest in establishing and maintaining a Satellite Juvenile Court that helps ensure our next generation will be equipped to handle the responsibilities of citizenship. Comments from parents who have participated in the court have been overwhelmingly positive and our program’s excellent reputation has prompted information requests from across Ohio, leading to the establishment of other such courts in Kettering, Miami Township and Miamisburg.


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