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What are the open swim hours?

Open Swim times may be found on our online calendar. Go to the recreation home page. Click on the link titled "Open Activity Calendar." When you enter the calendar, go to the select category option and click on open swim. Click go and select the day, week or month you wish to view.

Do I need to buy a membership to use your facility?

The recreation department does offer a daily walk-in option. Daily walk-in fee provides access to this facility for the date of purchase without having to purchase a membership. Daily walk-in fees are listed below. Residents need to bring in a picture ID with a current address to receive the resident rates.
$2.50 - Resident Youth/Senior Walk-In
$5.00 - Resident Adult Walk-In
$5.00 - Non Resident Youth/Senior Walk-In
$10.00 - Non Resident Adult Walk-In

What are the general open hours for the recreation center or rec west?

Rec Center and Rec West hours may be found on our online calendar. Go to the recreation home page. Click on the link titled "Open Activity Calendar." When you enter the calendar, go to the select category option and click on Facility Hours. Click go and select the day, week or month you wish to view.

Do I need a permit for...

Montgomery County issues a building permit upon presentation of a zoning certificate from Washington Township. The zoning certificate verifies that the proposed building meets setback requirements and land use plans. Washington Township inspects only the location of the footer before it is poured, and the driveway approach to the lot, also before it is poured. Footer, drive and sidewalk inspections should be scheduled 24 hours in advance by calling 433-0796. Montgomery County Building Inspection (225-4622) performs electrical, plumbing and structural building inspections.

I want to put up a shed.

The most important consideration is making sure that the proposed structure meets setback requirements. Depending on the zoning district in which you live, required setbacks could be as little as five feet from the back property line or as large as 40 feet from the side property line. A zoning certificate is required for a shed. In addition, residents should contact Montgomery County at 225-4622 to see if a building permit is required for their shed.

What are the requirements for fences?

A zoning certificate is required for a fence and an application request must be submitted to the Development Services Department prior to installation. Also, Montgomery County requires a building permit if you are planning to construct a concrete wall. Fences should be no higher than four (4) feet in height if located in the front yard nor six (6) feet in height if located in the side or rear yards. Height requirements vary for corner or double frontage lot. It is recommended to contact us for additional information. While fences may be placed directly on your property line, residents are encouraged to speak first with their neighbor to make sure maintenance of the other side of the fence is not going to be a problem. It is recommended that you have your property surveyed prior to installing your fence. There are several qualified licensed surveyors listed in the yellow pages.

When is Open Gym?

Open Gym times may be found on our online calendar. Go to the recreation home page. Click on the link titled "Open Activity Calendar." When you enter the calendar, go to the select category option and click on open gym. Click go and select the day, week or month you wish to view.

I would like more information on purchasing a pass?

Anyone may purchase a pass to use our facilities. We have a variety of pass/card types and entry options. Click the Walk-In Fees & Passes webpage for more information on the various passes/cards and entry options.

Does Washington Township have an income tax?

No. According to Ohio law, townships cannot enact an income tax. If you live in a township and work in a township, you are not subject to a local income tax. Cities, however, may impose an income tax. So, if you either work or live in a City that has a local income tax, you would pay income tax to that city.

What if I'm a resident of the Township but work in a city?

If you work in a city you must pay income tax to that city if they have a local income tax. The Township does not receive any of the money. Your employer usually withholds tax for you. Under Ohio law, local income tax is paid: first where you work, and second, where you live.

Can we fish in the ponds behind the recreation center?

If you are 16 or older you must have a fishing license with them at all times to fish in the ponds. Anyone under 15 may fish in the ponds without a license.

Can I get a copy of my plot plan? Are there easements on my property?

Most site plans for lots within Washington Township are kept on file in the Development Services office. If you wish to obtain a copy of your site plan, please call ahead with the name of your subdivision and your lot number or your address. Official deeds and easement information are on file at the Montgomery County Administration Building, 451 West Third Street, Dayton.

Do we have a Wifi connection?

Yes, Washington Township offers wifi access to all of our patrons. Wifi access is free, and available at the Recreation Center or RecWest.

Is there a fee to use the trail at Countryside Park, located behind the recreation center?

There is no fee to use any part of Countryside Park.

Do we supply towels, locks or other personal items?

We do not offer towels, locks or other personal items. Patrons may bring their own items or a lock to use on one of our lockers for the time they are here.

Do we offer military discounts?

There are no discounts for military

Where does the Township get its revenue?

The principal source of revenue is from property taxes (collected by Montgomery County). The Township also receives a share of inter-governmental income and other taxes, such as the motor vehicle license tax and gasoline tax. The Township collects fees for programs and services, as well as earns interest on money invested. See the revenue schedule for details. NOTE: When you renew your vehicle registration be sure to mention that you live in Washington Township so that the Township receives its share of the motor vehicle license tax.

My neighbor hasn't cut his grass.

If a neighbor's property becomes overgrown (weeds and grasses higher than 8 inches) or if debris is strewn about the yard, Development Services can probably help resolve the situation. Call us to report a violation and you can remain anonymous. Our department will ask the property owner to mow the lawn and/or pick up the trash. For those unwilling to comply, the township hires a contractor to do the work and assesses the property tax.

What do I need to do for a pool?

In order to assure that pools meet proper setbacks and fencing, the township requires zoning certificates for all swimming pools. A building permit from Montgomery County is also required. Pools must have a minimum four foot high fence around them, and all gates must have an operable lock.

Dog Requirements

State Laws regulate the owning or harboring of vicious dogs. In addition, no person may keep or harbor any animal or fowl and fail to prevent that animal from creating noise of such character, intensity and duration as to unreasonably disturb other residents. Dogs must be physically confined or restrained upon the premises of the owner and must be under reasonable control of a person at all times, except when engaged in hunting. To report vicious dogs or noisy animals, contact the Sheriff's Office at 225-4357 or the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center at 898-4457. All dogs must wear registered tags. Dog licenses may be obtained from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center at 6550 Webster Street. For information, call the Animal Shelter at 898-4457. The Montgomery County Auditor's Office also has dog license information. Call 225-4314.

Is there a discount on classes for members?

Discounts are ONLY available to Complete Pass Holders.

Discounts are NOT available for Active 90, Physical and/or Aquatic Express Cards holders.

Can the A-Frame be rented?

The A-Frame can be rented only by residents of Washington Township/Centerville. If you are interested in renting this shelter, call 433-0130.

What can I do with my sump pump discharge?

Although state law prohibits townships from working on private property, we will be glad to meet with you and discuss possible solutions to your drainage problems. Sump pump drains are allowed to be connected to the storm sewer, but NOT to the sanitary sewer. The township prohibits sump pump or downspout lines from discharging directly onto the sidewalk or into the street.

How much does it cost to rent a costume?

Individual and corporate costume rentals are charged $45 per costume, which includes dry cleaning. A refundable deposit of $45 is also required. Washington Township and Centerville residents/businesses receive a 10% discount off their rental fee; excluding the deposit.

Am I in a flood zone?

Montgomery County has authority concerning flood plains. However, Washington Township can provide you with copies of the FEMA flood maps. The maps are used by most mortgage companies to determine if a particular lot lies within the flood plain.

What is Washington Township's millage?

For the 2016 tax year (taxes paid in 2017), inside millage is 3.05 and outside millage is 12.95 for Washington Township. This is a total of 16.00 gross mills. The 2016 effective residential rate is 15.743520.

What will I find in Town Hall Theatre’s costume inventory?

Our stock consists of costumes built for nearly 20 years of THT productions. As we are a theatre for young audiences, we specialize in youth sizes. We have western period clothing from ancient times up to the present. We generally do not have costumes for popular culture characters or costumes from movies or television shows.

Do we have a family changing room?

Yes, we have one changing area in the lifeguard room. This room has a shower only.

What are my options for garbage pickup?

Trash collection in Washington Township is handled by any of several private haulers. Waste Management, Republic Services, and Rumpke Waste Removal & Recycling are the most commonly used haulers in this area. There's been a long standing agreement with these haulers to provide at least one large item pickup per residence per year at no additional charge. They can be found in the yellow pages under Rubbish.

When is your large item trash pickup?

Several private trash haulers serve the Washington Township area. Almost all of them will make one large item pickup per year at no additional cost. They are listed in the Yellow Pages under Rubbish.

What type of work needs a permit?

Generally, most types of work done by a contractor within 12 feet of the edge of the roadway require a permit. The $10 fee covers the cost of inspections, which ensures that the work is completed to township standards. Remember that sprinkler systems, invisible fences and landscaping should be kept fifteen feet away from the street to minimize possible damages during road improvements or utility work.

My neighbor's sump pump discharges into my yard. What can I do about it?

No resident may directly or indirectly discharge the water from a swimming pool, sump pump, downspout or other similar source within ten (10) feet of the property line separating adjacent properties or street right of way. The Township encourages all property owners to connect their sump pumps to the storm sewer system when applicable and subject to approval by the Washington Township Public Works Department. Newer plats may have a drain underneath the curb which can be used for this purpose. Residents in slightly older neighborhoods may be able to connect to a nearby catch basin. In the case of chlorinated pool water, or similar treated water sources, EPA guidelines for decontamination shall be adhered.

What is a mill?

Literally, a mill means one thousandth. For tax purposes, each mill generates $1 of taxes for every $1,000 of assessed value.

Do we offer Lifeguard or CPR Training classes for the public?

The Recreation Center does not offer these classes. Lifeguard and CPR classes are offered through the local Red Cross. CPR classes are also offered through the Washington Township Fire Department.

May I register for classes/programs over the phone?

No, registration can be done online or in person.

If I own a business in the Township, what type of taxes am I subject to?

If you own the property where your business is located, you are subject to township property tax for real property (land and buildings). Property tax on tangible property (inventory and fixed assets) has been eliminated by the State of Ohio. Businesses and employees are not subject to any local income tax for income earned in the township.

How do I obtain a username and password for online registration?

Obtaining a Username and Password – Resident
In order to obtain a WTRC username and password you would need to come to the recreation center to prove residency by bring in identification such as a valid driver's license (with a current address on it), facility pass, utility bill, tax record, or pay with a check, with address printed by the bank.

Obtaining a Username and Password – Non Resident
In order to obtain a WTRC username and password you can call 433-0130 or come to the recreation center. Once you have your username and password, you may register online for classes/programs at then click on the "Online Registration" link at the upper left corner. The next screen will be the page where you login.

Crime Prevention

The Sheriff's Office is concerned with preventing crime and solving problems in partnership with all township residents. Officers are available to discuss home, neighborhood, business, personal, security, as well as specific topics of safety to the citizens. Contact Crime Prevention Specialist Deputy Brian Burke at 432-2758 for more information.

Who picks up dead animals from my yard or from the street?

The Public Works Department will dispose of dead animals that are found on a Township road. Montgomery County and ODOT also pick up carcasses on their respective roads. If the animal is located in your yard, you may have to dispose of it in a plastic bag in your trash.

How long may I keep my rented costume?

Our costume rental periods are flexible to meet your needs. As a general rule, we will not charge additional fees for longer rentals vs. shorter rentals. We simply ask that you provide specific dates to the costumer when you place your rental.

Record Checks

Checks on persons for employment, housing permit holders, etc. are made through the Sheriff's Office Records Department at 345 W. Second St. Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 3:30 pm. $3 fee per record check. Call the records department at 225-4096 for information.

Dead Animal Removal

The township will pick up animals from public property. If the animal is on private property, the property owner is responsible for removal. Township roads, call 433-0152. County roads, ( County Engineer's Office), call 837-2528. State roads (Ohio Department of Transportation), call (937) 492-1141.

What are the requirements for a commercial sign?

All commercial signs, both permanent and temporary, require a zoning certificate. Specific provisions for different types of signs are provided in the township's zoning resolution or you can call the zoning department at (937)433-0796 for further information.

What is your refund policy?

The recreation department refund policy can be found under the Refund Policy link on the upper left hand area of this page.

What is the difference between inside and outside millage?

Inside millage is not voted on by citizens but enacted by State legislature and outside millage must be voted on by citizens. Inside millage, by law, cannot exceed ten mills and is not reduced by a reduction factor. The Township has 3.05 inside mills and the City of Centerville has 2.35 inside mills.

How can I find out more information on the WTRC Sharks Swim Team?

The swim team may be contacted through the following contacts:
Head Coach Jay Smith at 309-756-7669 or


Who is responsible for standing water on my property?

The responsibility for the maintenance and improvement of drains, streams, ditches and watercourses, whether established County/Township ditches or not, rests entirely upon the land owners affected and benefited. It is not the obligation of the County/Township to maintain or improve the storm drainage facilities across any individual’s property for either agricultural purposes or development of suburban home sites. When an individual purchases property, the principal of “Caveat Emptor” or “let the buyer beware,” is the purchaser’s best guideline. Land ownership has many potential and real benefits, but also comes with certain liabilities. Storm drainage facilities fall under the liability category of property ownership. These storm drainage facilities cannot be closed, obstructed or altered in any way which would reduce the capacity for conveying storm water across private property. Any owner is liable for upstream property damage for failure to properly maintain storm drainage facilities across his own property.” -- Passage from Montgomery County Engineer pamphlet, “Responsibility and Procedure for Improvement and Maintenance of Drains, Ditches and Watercourses."

Traffic Problems

To report a traffic violation in progress -- such as speeding, running a stop sign, hit and run accident or reckless operation -- call the Sheriff's Office at 225-4357. For an ongoing traffic issue, call the traffic services officer at 432-2751.


Parking is prohibited: In front of a public or private driveway; within an intersection; within 10 feet of a fire hydrant; on a crosswalk; within 1 foot of another parked vehicle; within 30 feet of, and upon the approach to, any flashing beacon, stop sign or traffic control device; at any place where signs prohibit stopping, standing or parking, or where curbing is painted yellow; and in a specified handicap space without a permit. For more information, call the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 225-4357

Where can I find upcoming program registrations?

Registration Information may be found on our online calendar. Click the Open Activity Calendar in the upper left corner of this page. When you enter the calendar, go to the select category option and click on Registration start/end dates. Click go and select the day, week or month you wish to view.

Accident Reports

Accident reports can be obtained through the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office Records Department at 225-4096. Reports are available after a minimum of 72 working hours. The cost per page is 50 cents.

Why aren't your trucks plowing or salting certain roads during winter storms?

Many roads, including Alex-Bell, Social Row, Clyo, parts of Rahn, Whipp and Mad River, S.R. 725 and I-675 are plowed by Montgomery County or the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Those jurisdictions have roads spread over a larger area and sometimes their response times can be delayed.

Can I rent from Town Hall Theatre for my nonprofit's event or production?

If you need costumes for a nonprofit organization (this includes theater groups, churches, schools, and community organizations), you may be charged a non-profit discounted flat rate if you follow a few guidelines. We don't provide fitting space, so you need to send one person (costume designer), armed with measurements, to go through our stock. Nonprofit rentals are self-service, so the costume designer should have their research in order so they know what they need. We do not allow trying on of costumes in our racks. We do allow you to pull extra costumes so you have choices in fittings. If you bring back what you don't want to use before your opening or event date, we will take those items off of your invoice. The costumes must come back laundered or dry-cleaned with all alterations removed. Washington Township and Centerville based non-profits receive a 10% discount off their rental fee.

Court System

Traffic, misdemeanor, criminal, and civil court matters are handled in Kettering Municipal Court at 2325 Wilmington Pike. For information, call 296-2461. Satellite Juvenile Court matters are handled at Washington Township Government Center. For information, call 438-2758. Felony criminal and civil court matters are handled in Montgomery County Common Pleas Court, 41 N. Perry St. in Dayton. For information, call 496-7213

Abandoned Vehicles

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office is authorized to provide for the removal of any abandoned junk vehicle left unattended upon any street for longer than 72 hours. Any vehicle that is illegally parked, and constitutes a hazard or obstruction to the normal movement of traffic, will be removed. Removal of abandoned vehicles on private property is typically the responsibility of the property owner. Owners of illegally parked or unattended vehicles may receive a citation and can be liable for towing and/or impound fees. Junk (unlicensed or inoperable) vehicles may not be left on public or private property. For more information, contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 225-4357 or Washington Township Zoning Department at 433-0796.

What is a reduction factor?

The reduction factor maintains the existing level of taxes paid on voted millage. The taxing district collects the same amount of revenue that was voted for, regardless of increased property values, except for added value from new construction for the first year. This is known as the fixed income status as a result of House Bill 920, which was passed in 1976 to protect property owners from unvoted tax increases. Under the law, when voters approve a tax levy, they agree to pay a specific amount of money for a specific purpose over a specified time period. A property owner's share of that amount depends on how much their property is worth.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. If you would like to rent a costume for yourself or your organization, you need to book an appointment for a fitting. This enables us to make sure the costume you rent fits properly, is in good repair, and has all the accessories needed to create a wonderful look. Our costume shop does not schedule costume rental appointments June-August. Rental arrangements and pick up for summer rentals must be made prior to June 1st.

Does Washington Township have a bid list?

When required by the Ohio Revised Code to conduct a formal bid, the Township advertises for construction projects in the Dodge report ( and places legal advertisements in local newspapers.

Do you ship costumes?

We do not offer shipping at this time. All costume rentals must be picked up and returned in person at our location.

Automobile Accidents

Contact the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office to report an auto accident. If the accident has not resulted in injury, Call 225-4357. If you believe someone may be injured, Call 9-1-1.

What happens if I damage the costume?

The renter assumes all responsibility for loss of and/or damage to all items entered on the rental order for any cause whatsoever. Lost items must be replaced. If this isn't possible, we will charge a replacement cost, which is the amount of money it will cost to replace the item, not the market value of the lost item. In certain cases, we will charge for our shopping time to find a replacement. In the event of damage, the renter agrees to pay Town Hall Theatre such amounts as the costumer may determine for repair/replacement of any items.

Animal Bites

Animal bites should be reported to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office at 225-4357.

What will I need to know when I call?

Our costumer will need to know what type of costume you are looking for, general sizing requirements, i.e. adult, teen or child and when you will need the costume.

Bureau of Motor Vehicles

The locations of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles near Washington Township are: Centerville: 108 West Spring Valley Road, call 435-5970. West Carrollton: 1162 East Central Avenue, call 866-9511.

How does Washington Township keep track of its assets?

The Township monitors over 3,000 fixed assets in 7 departments at 40 locations (including the incorporated part of the Township). A bar code tag is affixed to each taggable item and can be scanned for a yearly inventory using a portable scanning device. Items that cannot be tagged are assigned a ten digit tracking number based on location of the item and when it is put into service. The portable scanning device uploads to a computer which keeps a database of current assets.

Is CPR training available?

Yes, Click Here for details.


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