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Coming in June

Qigong for Beginners

Qigong for beginners is June 8-July 13 on Thursdays, 9:30-10:30 am. 
Call 433-0130 to register for Qigong classes.

Live it Up - New Enliven Classes

Enliven for All

Sundays 1:15-2:15 pm, Rec Center | Drop-In Class | STARTS JUNE 25th
An ideal lower-impact class for men, women and families who like to dance -- just for the fun of it! Classes start with an extended warm-up and include basic steps from world rhythms and music like salsa, belly dance, flamenco, cha cha, and more. Open to families or those who just want to have fun while learning the basics. This all-inclusive class is for all ages and abilities!

Enliven for Teens

Fridays 6-7 pm, Rec West | Drop-In Class | STARTS JUNE 23
This Latin-inspired dance fitness partyis for teen boys and girls ages 12-17. No previous dancing experience is needed -- just a desire to get fit and increase your energy! Come alone or bring a friend!

Enliven Party

Fridays 7-8 pm, Rec West | Drop-In Class | STARTS JUNE 23
Ditch the workout, join the party! Every Friday night adults 18 and older come together and PARTY! Come join in as we dim the lights and crank up the music so you can get in a great workout while dancing with friends. Our certified instructor leads this high-energy class.

New - Zumba Toning

Zumba® Toning

Wednesday 9-10 am, Rec Center | Drop-In Class |  NOW UNDERWAY!
A class that offers the fun and action of a dance party, but puts extra emphasis on toning
and sculpting muscles! Light weights add resistance, helping you to focus on specific muscle groups.They also enhance a sense of rhythm and coordination, while toning target zones, including arms, core and lower body. Sign up is not required. Just stop by the front desk in advance to purchase a coupon.

New in 2017 - Yoga

Purchase a coupon at the front desk for these walk-in classe. Sign up not required.

GENTLE YOGA (Returns in July)

Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30 am, Rec Center
Set the tone for the rest of your day and find inner balance while you build strength and flexibility. This is a beginner-paced class with flowing sequences and emphasis on alignment, core stability and inner awareness. Modifications and chairs will be provided to accommodate all body types and abilities.

INTRO TO YOGA (Returns in July)

Tuesdays, 5:30-6:30 pm, Rec West
This class is perfect for those who have never tried yoga, or for those who want to revisit the basics. Don't worry about missing a class -- each will be different and focused on the needs of beginners.


Wednsdays, 11:45 am-12:30 pm, Rec West
Beginning with a warm-up, Yoga Refresh transitions to moderate intensity poses and finishes with relaxation poses and breathing. This class is great by itself, or for those who have already completed a work out and are looking for a stretch and cool down.

Have a Blast at Drop-In Classes!

See the full list of walk-in classes. Click here.

Cardio & Tone

Thursdays, 10:15-11:15 am, Rec West Studio
A group-focused total-body strength and cardio class that incorporates principles from personal training and functional strength coaching.

LA Blast

Saturdays, 10-11 am, Rec Center
You'll have a blast with this dance program that gives you a workout with ballroom dance moves, including foxtrot, disco, quick step, jive, hustle, merengue, rumba and more. Achieve a super cardio workout!  LaBlast is partner free. No dance experience necessary. No signup required.

Zumba Gold

Fridays, 9-10 am, Rec West
Check out our new lower impact, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired dance fitness class. Just drop in!

Scheduling Conflicts? No Problem!

We all have busy schedules and sometimes our fitness routine gets put on the back burner. If you’re not able to commit for an entire session of a registered fitness class, or you’d just like to try out a class, then purchase a one-day walk-in ticket at our front desk. The one-day ticket is good for any sign-up class, and lets you enjoy the entire recreation center for the day of purchase. Cost: residents $5 & nonresidents $10.

About Our Fitness Programs

Wether you're getting started on a fitness program, or want to take your workouts up a notch, we have a fitness format that will help achieve your goals.

Our land and water fitness classes can help improve your overall fitness and well-being -- whether you enjoy the relaxation of Yoga or Tai Chi, prefer the cardio benefits of a cycling class, or want to make a splash with Aqua Boot Camp. Sign up for one of our fitness classes or try a drop-in classes where you pay by the session.

General Information

Our all co-ed classes offer the opportunity to exercise at your own pace. In fact, we highly encourage it! Classes are open to ages 16 and older and filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Class size is determined by the space and equipment available and patron safety.

Fitness Links

Sign Up Classes - Browse & Register

Walk-In Classes

Fitness Room & Running Track

Wellness Program

Participants should present their ticket to the attendant. Before starting an exercise program, we recommend you consult a physician.

Walk-In Classes:
Daily Coupon

Taking a walk-in class is simple! Participants just stop by the front desk of the Recreation Center or Rec West to purchase a coupon that admits them to class. Present your Complete Pass, Driver's License or Resident Card to get the discounted Complete Pass or Resident price.

Walk-in Classes:
Coupon Books

Coupon books for fitness classes eliminate the need to purchase a coupon before each class. The non-refundable book of 15 tickets can be purchased at the front desk. Remember to bring your pass and proof of residency for a discount!

Daily Coupon
(Good for one class)

Coupon Books
(15 Coupons per book)

Supersize Coupon Books
(45 Coupons per book)

$2.50 Complete Pass Holder
$3.00 Resident
$4.00 Non Resident

$34 Complete Pass Holder
$41 Resident
$56 Non Resident

$94 Complete Pass Holder
$115 Resident
$160 Non Resident

Fitness Center

Personal Training

A program for one looking to train one-on-one with a certified fitness trainer. Each one-hour session is designed with one's personal fitness needs in mind. Sessions can be as consecutive as you wish. Please call 433-0130.

Personal Training Options
Call to Schedule an Appointment
1 Session $30 Complete Pass Holder $35 Resident $40 Non Resident
3 Sessions $74 Complete Pass Holder $89 Resident $98 Non Resident
5 Sessions $119 Complete Pass Holder $144 Resident $159 Non Resident

Fitness Center Orientation

A must for anyone starting a fitness program or not familiar with the equipment in our center. This orientation lasts approximately 60 minutes and will orientate one to the proper usage of each piece of strength and cardio fitness equipment housed in our center.
for complete pass holders.

Fitness Center Orientation Fees
Call to Schedule an Appointment
1 Session $25 Complete Pass Holder $30 Resident $35 Non Resident

Underage Usage

The Fitness Center is for ages 16 and up. Teens 14 & 15 years old may use the Fitness Center if they have an Underage Usage Card and are accompanied by a parent/guardian 18 years and older. Learn how to get a card here.

Private Personal Trainers

See our policy here.


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