Public Organizations

Services in Centerville/Washington Township are provided not only by Washington Township, but through a cooperative network of public bodies that work for the common good. The township and the City of Centerville contribute to the funding of Centerville-Washington History, Centerville-Washington Diversity Council and Americana Festival. Other entities, such as the school district, library and park district, work separately but in coordination with local government.

Centerville City Schools

The Centerville School system is comprised of 11 schools serving more than 7,300 students. Five of the schools have been designated "Blue Ribbon" schools.


Washington-Centerville Library

The public library has two locations: Woodbourne Library, 6060 Far Hills Ave., and Centerville Library, 111 W. Spring Valley Pike. The library was recently ranked best in the nation by the Hennen's American Public Library Rating (HAPLR) Index among libraries of similar size.

Centerville-Washington Park District

The park district is responsible for maintaining 48 parks with nearly 1,000 acres of green space in Centerville/Washington Township. Programs are offered for all ages.

Centerville-Washington History

The Centerville-Washington Township Historical Society connects the community to its heritage by collecting, preserving, interpreting, and promoting the history of our local area.

Centerville-Washington Diversity Council

The Centerville-Washington Diversity Council celebrates and promotes an inclusive, diverse and welcoming community for people who live, work and worship in Centerville and Washington Township.


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