Property Maintenance

The Zoning and Development Department helps keep property values high by focusing on enforcement activities in the areas of property maintenance and nuisance abatement. Zoning inspectors spend a considerable amount of time in the field, with the goal of identifying property maintenance and nuisance abatement violations before neighbors need to call. However, issues may arise at times despite this proactive approach. Residents who spot a problem can call Development Services at 433-0796.

Property Maintenance

Code Violations 2015
Nuisance Violations 198
Property Maintenance 175
Signage 1,005
Zoning Resolution 312
Total 1,690

Washington Township adopted a Property Maintenance Code in July 2001 because when neighborhoods age, maintenance becomes more of a challenge. The Property Maintenance Code enables the township to take a proactive approach to maintaining neighborhoods and protecting property values.

When violations are identified, zoning inspectors try to resolve maintenance problems amicably and to arrive at a reasonable solution for both neighbors and violators. Most property maintenance issues are resolved within the time limit set for compliance. Violators have been prosecuted in rare instances where a problem persists.

Property maintenance inspection request.

Check the Property Maintenance Code.

Nuisance Abatement

The Ohio Revised Code outlines provisions for addressing property nuisances such as tall grass and weeds.

Nuisance Abatement
LOTS 2013 2014 2015
Ordered Cut 495 217 195
Assessed 48 19 25

According to state law, grass or weeds that exceed eight inches in height are considered to be a nuisance. When that occurs, the abatement of this nuisance can be addressed by the township.

Township procedures for Nuisance Abatement.


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