BZA Meeting Agenda


8200 McEwen Road, Dayton, Ohio 45458


June 25, 2018

Regular Meeting- located in the Blair Meeting Room 6:00 PM

1. Pledge of Allegiance

2. Attendance/Excuse Absent Members

3. Approval of Minutes

4. New Business:

a) A-1757 Ashley Waulk- Contuination of a variance request to allow a 6' fence in a front yard located at 760 Saddlewood Ave.

b) A-1762 United Dairy Farmers, John Lucas-A Conditional Use Variance to allow a convenience store with gas canopy in front located at the Northeast corner of Far Hills and Whipp Road.

c) A-1763 United Dairy Farmers, John Lucas- A variance request to reduce the required front, rear and side yard setbacks; reduce required setback of a convenience store to residential to 200' to 73'; and reduce the free stnading sign setback from 20' to 5' located at the Northest corner of Far Hills and Whipp Road.

d) A-1754 James Hillard- 1) A variance Request to allow approximate 1,156 sqaure foot accessory structure 2) and to reduce the required side yard setback fronm 15' to 5' for an accessory structure located at 2616 Wood Bluff Lane.

e) A-1759 Kyle Benroth- A Use Variance request to allow vacuum stations to be installed in the front yard of an existing car wash located 8150 Yankee Street.

f) A-1760 Gordon and Raeleen Grzybowski- A variance request to reduce the front yard setback from 50' to 44.3' for a dwelling located at 9084 S. Normandy Lane.

g) A-1761 Washington Heights Baptist Church, Todd Martin- A variance request to allow an electronic message board in a residential district located at 5660 Far Hills Ave.

5. Other Business

6. Next Regular Meeting Date-July 23, 2018


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