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Severe Weather Awareness

Posted on Mar 14, 2017

Be Prepared for Tornado Season

Peak tornado season is April through July. If you’re outdoors in threatening weather, keep an ear open for the sound of a high-decibel tornado siren.

Stay Safe in a Tornado - DUCK!

D - Go DOWN to the lowest level
U - Get UNDER something
C - COVER your head
K - KEEP in shelter during the storm

Be Prepared

Severe weather can lead to power outages and more. These resources will help you be prepared for an emergency:

Twelve alert sirens are placed throughout Centerville/Washington Township to warn people who are outdoors. If you’re indoors, you should rely on your television or radio for weather updates. The sirens can not be reliably heard due to interior noises and walls that muffle exterior sound sources.

The sirens are activated for tornado warnings, but not weather watches. They also may be used in the event of other emergencies. Sirens are tested for three minutes at noon on the first Monday of every month.

Tornado Safety Tips

  • Develop a household plan and conduct drills.
  • Tune in to weather updates on the television or radio.
  • The safest place is a basement or cellar. If unavailable, go to a small room on the lowest level, away from windows and at the center of the building.
  • In stores, offices and schools, go to the emergency shelter, or the lowest level. Avoid windows and large rooms.
  • If outside, go to the lowest level of a nearby sturdy building. ·If you experience flying debris while driving, park the car. Stay buckled up and tucked below the windows or leave to find a depression or ditch. Protect your head with your arms and hands and use a blanket.
  • Never seek shelter under overpasses or bridges.
Washington Township Fire can help you develop a home safety plan.  Call 433-3083.

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