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Nutt Road Project Update

Posted on May 3, 2018

Nutt Road Project Update

July 12, 2018

Work began July 5 on the west end of the Nutt Road project. The road is now closed from Sprinter's Crossing and Yearling Run to School House Park while work is completed on an approximately 1,800-foot section.

Completion of the entire one-mile project is expected in September. Until then, please keep in mind that the east end, where travel is allowed, is still a construction zone.

June 14, 2018

  • The installation of 500 feet of 12-inch water line is now complete. Montgomery County Environmental Services will cover the cost of this water-line connection.
  • Nearly 1,000 feet of excavation has taken place since spring and an equal amount of stone base has been installed.
  • Crews currently are encountering unstable subsurface conditions that require deeper excavations. About 1,800 feet of excavation remains.

MAY 3, 2018

As work progresses this spring, the section of Nutt Road from Clyo Road to west of School House Park remains closed, however access to School House Park and local residences is maintained.

  • Dayton-Lebanon Pike must be used to access the section of Nutt from School House Park to 1925 Nutt Road
  • Clyo Road must be used to access 1934 Nutt Road and higher address numbers to the east of 1934.

APRIL 24, 2018 -

The anticipated completion date for the Nutt Road project has been moved up slightly, to early fall, based on progress that has been made since construction resumed March 19.

Progress includes:

  • About 350 feet of 12-inch water line has been installed, with 150 feet to go. This will complete a connection Montgomery County Environmental Services has sought for many years and MCES is covering the cost.
  • Crews are at the halfway point of removing 3,000 cubic yards and 400 feet of old roadway.

The next step will be to build a retaining wall over a culvert to support installation of a sidewalk. This will leave approximately 2,600 feet of road to be widened and rebuilt.

March 19, 2018 - Construction to Resume

Construction on Nutt Road resumed March 19. The project is expected to be completed sometime in the fall if excessive weather or utility delays are not experienced. The road will remain fully closed and impassable until the project concludes.

Much progress already has taken place on Nutt Road, as these estimates indicate:

Material Taken Out - 400+ loads
Material Brought In - 300+ loads
Weight of Materials - 8,500 tons
New Sidewalk - 730 feet
New Curb - 5,000 feet
Pipe - 1,000 feet
Underdrain - 5,000 feet
Cost - $1.25 million

The Next Steps

When construction resumes, the first items of business will include:

  • Place about 500 feet of 12-inch water line. This completes a connection Montgomery County Environmental Services has sought for many years and MCES is covering the cost.
  • Remove almost 3,000 cubic yards of old roadway and base in the next 400 feet of work.
  • Build a retaining wall over a culvert to support installation of a sidewalk.

December 7, 2017 -

A bottom layer of asphalt has been applied to the section west of Beaufort Run. The Nutt Road project area is not open to through traffic, but is passable to local traffic. Road construction may occur intermittently throughout the winter. In the spring, the section west of Beaufort and east of Saddlecreek Trail will be closed, however access to School House Park and local residences will be maintained.

November 9, 2017 -

This 200-foot segment has had the old road removed and is “based in” with underdrain and  geofabric installed.

This segment has curb installed and material has been placed, but not compacted, in preparation for sidewalk.

This segment now has curb and a compacted base behind the curb in preparation for future sidewalk.

October 25, 2017 -


  • Curb has been placed on the south side of Nutt Road between Cherry Tree Terrace and Beaufort Run and on the north side from 2211 to 2151.
  • Traffic from Beaufort Run is now required to exit and enter from the east, toward Clyo Road.
  • Approximately 200 feet of water main has been installed, with 500 more feet planned for this part of the project.
  • Storm sewer currently is being placed from the creek at 2021 Nutt to 2151 Nutt.
  • The contractor expects to begin placing curb in this section in early November and will then place
    Upper Left: Manhole for storm sewer set in place. Upper Right: Catch basin at Beaufort Run. Above: Trench with a 24-inch TransCanada gas pipe exposed. A new water main will be placed beneath the pipe.
    asphalt in the widened areas tomake the road passable for the winter months.
  • ATT has lowered several conduits at 2021 which would have interfered with placement of curb and sidewalk. DPL has changed electric service to 2021 to facilitate ATT’s work.

September 25, 2017 -

Crews are working west of Cherry Tree Terrace. The installation of underdrain is currently underway and back filled with gravel. Crews anticipate setting up to pour curbing toward the end of the month.



September 15, 2017 -

Sidewalk installation was completed September 14 on Nutt Road bewteen Clyo Road and Cherry Creek Terrace.

Starting Wednesday, September 20, the traffic detour will change so that crews can begin installing and replacing curbing between Cherry Creek Terrace and Beaufort Run. Residents exiting onto Nutt Road from Cherry Creek must turn right (east) toward Clyo.

Traffic turning onto Nutt Road from Beaufort will continue to turn west.

Sidewalk, looking from Clyo Road
Bottom Right: Construction at Cherry Tree Terrace and Nutt Road
Bottom Left: Contractor working on Nutt Road, with Clyo Road in the background


August 29, 2017 -

On August 28, contractors were able to place the base course of asphalt on Nutt Road, between Clyo Road and Cherry Tree Terrace. This photo was taken about midway between Clyo and Cherry Tree, looking toward the west.


August 16, 2017 -

During the past week, curb has been placed between Clyo Road and Cherry Tree Terrace.

Next week, the plan is for sidewalk to be installed along the south side of Nutt between Clyo Road and Cherry Tree Terrace.

The contractor anticipates that pavement will be placed the week of August 28 between Clyo Road and Cherry Tree Terrace.

August 3, 2017 -

Nutt Road's base layer has been excavated and built up with compacted stone and underdrain.

June 19, 2017 -

Starting June 19, Nutt Road will be closed for 90 days from Clyo Road at the east end to just west of Beaufort Run. Access will be maintained for local residents and service providers.

Project Overview

The project includes widening Nutt to three lanes between School House Park and Clyo Road (with the exception of a small section near 2021 Nutt Rd. where a 24-inch gas pipeline crosses).

Improvements along the entire one-mile section include curb and gutter, plus a sidewalk along the south side of the road. The estimated $3.1 million project is funded by Washington Township. Improvements are expected to take place over two construction seasons, 2017-2018.

This marks the third and final phase of Nutt Road widening and improvements which began in 1996 when a 4,800-foot section was widened from State Route 48 to Quailwood Trail. Phase two, a 2,100-foot stretch from Quailwood to west of School House Park, was completed in 2010.


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