Street Improvement Program

Twenty-nine Township Streets Will be Improved this Year

Street Improvement . . . By the Numbers
Roadway 5.24 miles
Asphalt 9,425 tons
Curb Repair 6,600 feet
Striping - Centerline .63 miles
Cost $1 million

Washington Township streets will be covered in 9,425 tons of new asphalt as part of the 2016 Street Improvement Program.

Resurfacing starts in May and runs through summer.

Included in the program are 28 neighborhood streets and one collector street, according to Public Works Director Mike Wanamaker.

The collector street, McEwen Road, will be resurfaced from Spring Valley Road to McEwen Woods Court, a distance of about a half mile. Last year, resurfacing on McEwen Road extended nearly two miles, from Alex-Bell Road to immediately north of McEwen Woods Court.

McEwen Woods

  • McEwen Woods Court
  • Treeside Court
  • Peachcreek Road, cul-de-sac only
  • Millstone Road
  • Fox Hollow Court
  • Ripplecreek Court, from 250 west of Stillcreek to the cul-de-sac

Willow Brook Estates & Wydemere

  • Park Edge Drive
  • Stone Brook Court
  • Wind Field Court
  • Walnut Valley Lane, from Willow Brook Road to 1,600 feet east of Willow Brook
  • Willow Park Court
  • Willow Brook Road, north of Social Row Road
  • Stream Park Court
  • Apple Brook Lane, north of Social Row Road
  • Timber Creek Court
  • Forest Crest Lane

Oak Creek South

  • Garnet Drive
  • Meadow Manor Drive
  • Rustic Creek, including the portion of Rustic Creek in McEwen Woods
  • Birchcreek Circle
  • Sunnycreek Drive
  • Longcreek Drive
  • Shortcreek Drive
  • Rockcreek Drive
  • Beechcreek Drive
  • Pinecreek Drive
  • Lyncreek Drive
  • Drycreek Drive

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