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Schedules subject to change for special events

Rec West offers arcade games, pool tables, air hockey, foosball, table tennis, 2 computer stations, two Wii systems, full size movie theatre, big screen TV and the mini basketball gym.  All these will provide opportunities for any age! The Rec West facility has given the recreation department the space needed to expand the teen program. The game room, theatre and mini basketball gym are available most evenings and weekend hours for open activities. Special events that range in interest are scheduled throughout the year.

Use of video games, game tables, TVs, computers and ball courts are included with paid admission to the facility with the exception of special programs and rentals, are on a first come first served basis. Equipment, such as table tennis paddles, game controllers, basketballs and billiards require a photo ID to be checked out. Children without a picture ID may have a parents show a driver's license and contact information in order to check out equipment when being dropped off. Photo identification cards may also be purchased at the Recreation Center for $5.

Entrance Procedure

Participants must show their pass or pay the daily walk-in rate at the Reception Desk prior to entrance. Rates are good at both facilities on the date of purchase.

Should you want to move from building to building on the same day for activities, you must ask for a return pass from the desk attendants at the facility where you paid the initial entrance fee to give to the desk staff at the second site.

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Rec West Rental Information/Fees

Any one or all of the facility spaces can be reserved during unscheduled hours or after regular facility hours for your group's use. Rental fees are subject to annual adjustment.  For Rec West rental questions and/or reservations contact Jim Nock at 937-438-7985 ext 2819.

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Rec West (Capacity - 780)

Rec West offers arcade games, pool tables, air hockey, foosball, table tennis, 2 computer stations, two Wii systems, full size movie theatre, big screen TV and the mini basketball gym.

Whole Facility Rentals
Resident - $180/hour
Non Resident - $200/hour

Total Package Rental
Resident - $900/10 hour block
Non Resident - $1000/10 hour block

Auditorium (Capacity - 280)

The Auditorium provides a large meeting space for presentations, space for video game play and movie or TV watching.

Auditorium Rental (View Video)

Resident - $135/hour
Non Resident - $150/hour

Dance Studio (Capacity - 32)

The Dance Studio is used for our dance classes, fitness classes and is available for open use.

Dance Studio Rental (View Video)

Resident - $45/hour
Non Resident - $50/hour

Game Room (Capacity - 188)

The Game Room has pool, air hockey, table tennis and foosball tables, a big screen TV, a computer bank and a lounging area to hang out and talk.

Game Room Rental (View Video)

Resident - $90/hour
Non Resident - $100/hour

Mini Gym (Capacity - 38)

The Mini Gym provides a non regulation wooden court for basketball and other gym games and activities.

Mini Gym Rental (View Video)

Resident - $45/hour
Non Resident - $50/hour

Lobby - Middle (Capacity 216)

Lobby - Middle Rental (View Video)

Resident - $90/hour
Non Resident - $100/hour

Lobby - Left or Right (Capacity 25)

Lobby - Left or Right (View Video)

Resident - $45/hour
Non Resident - $50/hour

Rec West Dance Party

Rec West has dance lights in the lobby and is making them available for individuals who would like to have a real party atmosphere at their event.  The host will be required to provide their own music to be played through the Rec West sound system.  Call 438-7985 to schedule your event.

Day/Time: Friday, Saturday or Sunday starting at 8:30pm

$125/hour for the lobby only
$175/hour for the whole facility


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