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Conflict Policy

Secrets To Success

It is so easy to want the best of everything for your child! All too often, however, it is possible to involve children in more activities than they can adequately commit to. Families should take a serious look at the level of commitment required by participation in a Town Hall Theatre production and weigh it against the possible demands of extracurricular activities, family vacations and schoolwork.

It is very difficult to produce a quality show when directors do not have consistency in rehearsals. The staff often does not have time to re-teach blocking and dances that they have missed. Part of THT's commitment to you is to provide a professional learning experience and this is difficult to accomplish if attendance is poor. Every cast member is important and there is a hole when they are missing that effects the learning experience of fellow cast members. This is why we require all participants to sign an "Actor's Contract" outlining the responsibilities that go with accepting a part.

Please read our conflict policy and look at the dates we have posted in order to make a well-informed decision before participating in one of our productions.

  1. Conflicts must be submitted at the auditions. As a rule, our directors are generally discouraged from casting performers who will miss or be more than 30 minutes late to more than (3) posted rehearsal dates. Parents, bring your planners!
  2. All conflicts must be handed in by the final Callback to be considered "excused."
  3. After casting has been finalized, additional conflicts or new conflicts are considered unexcused absences, and may lead to being dropped from the show. We will accept up to (2) unexcused absences during the rehearsal period in addition to the original conflicts stated at auditions
  4. Participants will not be cast if they have conflicts during tech week and or request unexcused absences during this time. Tech week is the last week of rehearsals before the show opens, traditionally beginning on the Sunday before opening. Any absence during this period may be considered grounds for dismissal. Conflicts during the week before tech week make it difficult on fellow actors and the production team – please do your best to avoid having an absence during these times also.
  5. In addition to "unexcused absences" the theatre will accept no more than (3) excused absences during rehearsals, tech week and/or performances, provided they are accompanied by a physician’s note or a letter from a parent or guardian documenting an emergency circumstance such as a death in the family, medical emergency or illness. Exceptions may be made for mandatory school or religious reasons during rehearsals or tech week with advance notice; however, it may not permit absences during performances for these activities. Please check your child’s schedule carefully before committing them to our show.
  6. We reserve the right to not cast a participant if that person has an excessive number of conflicts or has demonstrated poor discipline in their most recent participation.

Three Things To Remember About Absences

  1. You generally won’t be cast if you’ll miss or be late to more than (3) rehearsals.
  2. During rehearsals, we’ll give you up to (2) "get-out-of-jail-free" cards for unanticipated conflicts.
  3. If you have an unavoidable emergency during tech week and/or performances, you need to be really sick or have a death in the family; and have documentation. Remember, there’s no crying in theatre! Or, in this case, the sniffles!

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