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Town Hall Theatre is a place where children build self-esteem, confidence and character! We offer a place to learn about the performing arts in a positive, student-centric environment.

Children may be introduced to theatre in our beginning  class, Intro to Acting, or grow as an actor in our three-tiered acting series. Others may have fun performing in a group-written play or singing their heart out in a voice class! We also offer private acting and voice lessons for a more concentrated, one-on-one experience.

No matter what age or experience level you are, there’s sure to be a class for you!

Click here for information about classes and registration.



Intro to Acting

Ages 4-7

Make new friends, become comfortable speaking in front of a group, and feel successful about putting on your own mini-play! Each class will begin by reading a story or picking out a costume. Students then use the story and their imaginations to create a mini-play. Family and friends are invited to be our audience the last five minutes of each class!

Day Time
Dates Location Code
Monday 5:00-5:50 PM
6/5-7/31 Town Hall Theatre


Make Believe With ... Simba

Ages 4-7

Performers ages 4-7 will discover a current production at Town Hall, using their voices, bodies, and of course costumes. Actors will hear versions of the tale from other countries, and create their own version using the details they like best. Performers will have a chance to meet members of the cast, and included in the price for this class is a ticket for the show, and a cast t-shirt.

Day Time Dates Location Code
Monday 6:00-6:50 PM 6/5-7/31 Town Hall Theatre 38020-01




Acting-Level 1

Grades 2-8

This course is a prerequisite for being cast in an Showcase Series production at Town Hall Theatre. The curriculum concentrates on monologues and short scenes. Each student will understand theatre terminology and the process of going through technical rehearsal to a performance. Completion of this class is dependent on accruing no more than two absences and receiving a passing grade on the theatre terms quiz.

Day Time Dates Location Code
Thursday 6:00-6:50 PM 6/1-8/3 Town Hall Theatre 38035-01


Acting-Level 2

Grades 2-8

This course is a prerequisite for being cast in a Mainstage Series production at Town Hall Theatre. Students will learn how to create characters that can "live" through an entire show, as well as learn how to tackle callbacks. Actors will understand how to research a role and why it is important. Completion of this course is dependent on accruing no more than two absences, a final scene, and a character presentation. Acting Level One is a prerequisite for this course.

Day Time Dates Location Code
Thursday 5:00-5:50 PM 6/1-8/3 Town Hall Theatre 38036-01




Put on a Play! Not offered for the summer session

Grades 1-5

Explore the far reaches of your imagination to create your own play! Each session will focus on creating a show, designing not only sets, but also costumes. Students will also memorize lines and blocking. This class will help students understand characters, stories and setting, culminating in a performance for family and friends on the last day of class in our classroom space.

Fantasy Make Up! Not offered for the summer session

Grades 2-8

Using make up to create fantasy characters from stage and screen is the goal of this specialty class. Our instructor will take students through the process of creating characters that are older, characters that are wilder and characters that exist only in imagination using make up and artistic technique.

Costume Magic! Not offered for the summer session

Grades 2-8

Fashion, design, and fun come together as students develop their skills in both costume design and construction. No previous sewing experience required. Students will learn basics of costuming, sewing, and clothing construction with a professionsal costume designer and see how a costume shop works. Who knows what creative piece of clothing your child may come up with after this class!

Musical Theatre Workshop

Grades 2-8

Students will learn basic singing and movement techniques through group song and dance numbers. Students will not only work on classic songs, but also some new musical theatre pieces to strengthen their coordination and ability to act a song. A performance will be held in the classroom space for family and friends on the last day of class.

Day Time Dates Location Code
Monday 4:00-4:50 PM 6/5-7/31 Town Hall Theatre 38041-01


Comedy Improv 4 Kids! Not offered for the summer session

Grades 2-8

Fans of the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon will love this class that uses acting games to introduce and hone improv skills. Both Disney and Nickelodeon rely on actors who can react to almost any situation, and that is what improv is all about! We will be thinking on our feet and creating silly situations that can only be resolved by being sillier. Bodies and voices will get a workout in this high energy class, perfect for all class clowns out there! Acting Level One is a prerequisite for this course.

Backstage Bonanza Not offered for the summer session

Grades 2-8

Props, paints, and puppets! Ever wonder how they make all those things they use on stage? Here's your chance to explore how they make everything that appears on stage. Explore how they make the puppets, paint the sets, and build the props you see on stage. Who knows maybe you make something used in our very next production!

Days Time Date Location Code
Tuesday & Wednesday 4:00-4:50 PM 6/6-8/13 Town Hall Theatre 38156-01




Private Acting Lessons

Grades 2-12

Focus on timing, rhythm and control, analyze scenes for tactics and objectives, prepare for auditions and callbacks and expand your acting range with character and dialect work. Private lessons are a great way for beginning and seasoned actors who want to explore the craft at a more advanced level and are available by appointment only. Contact the theatre to register. Single lessons to prepare for an upcoming audition or performance are also available. Email or call 433-8957 x2835 to schedule your next lesson!

Individual Lesson

30 Minutes
Email to Schedule Fee: $30/Lesson
8-Week Lesson Pass 30 Minutes Email to Schedule Fee: $233/Pass
10-Week Lesson Pass 30 Minutes
Email to Schedule Fee: $290/Pass

Showcase Series

Grades 2-6

This program pairs some of our season's best directors with students interested in being in a play that rehearses earlier in the evening than our regular programming. Cast members will focus on learning the rehearsal process as they co-create a performance of a fairy tale. There will be three performances at the end of the class. This class is by audition only; please see our audition page for dates.

Theatre for Special Needs

This private class is an opportunity for kids with some of the biggest imaginations around to strut their stuff! Coursework is designed for the special needs student and will focus on basic acting skills such as projection, characterization, voice and diction. Of course, there will be lots of theatre games, too! Contact the Education Director for scheduling availability prior to each session’s registration.

Group Workshops

For information on how we can provide your group or organization with a specialty acting or voice workshop tailored to meet your needs, please contact the Education Director.

We Offer Dance and Arts Classes, Too!

For a complete listing of classes offered by the Washington Township Recreation Center, visit our Rec Center page or call 433-0130.


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