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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are a great asset to our community. If you have an interest in volunteering, opportunities are available in most township departments – from Recreation to Police and Fire Departments.

Volunteers are involved in a variety of ways -- helping with clerical tasks, serving on boards, refereeing sports, assisting with speed control efforts, and serving as part-paid volunteers with the Fire Department. Contact individual departments for details.

All volunteer activities are unpaid, except for part-paid volunteer firefighter positions.

Further volunteer opportunities are available in the organizations the township helps to support – Hithergreen, Centerville-Washington Historical Society, Americana Festival and the Centerville-Washington Diversity Council.

Thank You to our Volunteers!

Volunteers Help Build a Great Community

Volunteers help keep the Township humming – whether they’re coaching youth sports, serving on a public board, tending a township garden, or helping with traffic control at an accident scene.

To recognize their contributions, Washington Township Trustees invited more than 150 volunteers to an April 2012 reception and trustee meeting.

“Volunteers share their skills generously with every department, helping with day-to-day tasks. Many important community events couldn’t take place without them,” notes Trustee President Scott Paulson. The annual Ice Cream Social, Americana Festival and Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast are presented almost solely by volunteer workers.

Volunteers also help set up displays and play Santa at Woodland Lights or assist with programs at Hithergreen and the historical society. Others represent the interests of residents on township boards such as Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Recreation Advisory Board, and Visual Improvement Program Committee.

“Volunteers are essential to a healthy community,” Paulson says. “They help develop a better community by building shared connections and also save taxpayers money through their contributions of time and talent.”

Washington Township Volunteers

Christine Allen Ron Hoffman Jenni Roer
Helen Anagho-Beny Dan Horine Anthony Ross
Larry Anderson Jerry Huffman Ed Ross
Kathryn Antonelli Sue Hufnagle Susan Ross
Anne Arisman Don Kelley Amy Russell
Jim Augustine Bob Kenley Maureen Russell-Hodgson
Don Aukerman Brenda Kenley Jan Ruzicka
Amy Bartz Jack Kindler Sue Schieman
John Beals Mark Kingseed Kate Schlegel
Sally Beals Betsy Kitch Matthew Schmidt
John Belluardo Jack Kitch Linda Schroth
Joe Beyerle Harriet Klass Richard Schwartz
Larry Blank Mark Koogler Marian Sensabaugh
Sally Blommel Kim Kwiatek Kristine Severyn
Vickie Bondi Joe & Barb Lambert Sandy Slone
Karen Borgert Joe Lambright Lee Snyder
John Breed George Lawson Linda Spears
Peggy Brooker Mitzi Lehman Phil Stephenson
Dahalia Brown Nita Leland Kristina Stieger
Judy Budi Mable Leyes Scot  Stone
Madge Buxton Jack Lohbeck C.J. Suchyta
Robert Cahill Sharon Lowry Don & Lois Taylor
Dan Carfagno Duke Lunsford Janet Thobaben
Richard Carr Terry Lunsford Brad Thorp
Paul Casey Glenn Madden Chris Thorp
Mike Castle Randy Marriott Marlene Tiernan
Donna Clark Cheryl Mauer Joe Turner
Cynthia Clay Virgil McDaniel Lauren Turton
Pam Cochran Patricia McDowell Roy Turton
Joan Cordonnier Phil McLaughlin Sue Turton
Jacqueline Curl Janice McLefresh Lauren Vallo
Bob Daley Georgia Mergler Brad Waldo
Walter Davison Anne Metzger Kara Ware
Fran Doster Cheryl Meyer Laura Weingartner
Harry Drain Mark Meyer Ron Weir
Fred Dressel Mary Miller Arno Weller IV
Tim Dunaway Erin Morley Steve Wenstrup
Merrill Durig Marguerite Mulligan Jon Wesney
Herman Ehrlich Jenet Mullins Jennifer Wilder
Celia Elliott Robert Mullins Ed Willet
George Ellis Tim Murphy Jill Willet
David Feverston John Numbers Jeffrey Winwood
Ed Fleissner June Ovington Veronica Winwood
Patricia Fleissner Alex  Pearl Becky Yahne
Ben Forshee Norman Plair Penny Yannekis
Amy Goldman Simone Polk Robert Yeck
Todd Hall Anthony Pope Joyce Young
Lynda Hapner Julie Rado Bob Yux
Jan Harry Michael Rado Bootie Zengel
Kim Harvey Ferne Reilich Patty Zobrist
Jon Hazelton Jim Reppert
Paul Heintz Anita Richwine
Tom Henderson Larry Roberts



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