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The Development Services Department oversees and enforces Washington Township’s Zoning Resolution, the legal document that controls and coordinates land use in the unincorporated section of the township. Staff members also enforce the township’s property maintenance code and the state of Ohio’s nuisance abatement standards for high weeds and grass.

Taking Services to Residents

Zoning inspectors regularly take their services on the road in order to provide a high level of customer service and a proactive approach to enforcement. Their goal is to identify violations before neighbors need to call. Inspectors provide assistance in a wide range of areas – from zoning violations and high grass to zoning permits.

Start with a Phone Call

Residents or businesses who desire assistance are advised to start with a phone call since inspectors may be in the field assisting others. A zoning inspector will respond to the call and can arrange, as needed, to meet residents or businesses to answer questions. Call Development Services at 433-0796.

A variety of home and garden projects require a permit or must adhere to zoning requirements. Projects that should start with a phone call include house additions, fencing, patio covers, decks, storage sheds, gazebos, trellises, and swimming pools and spas deeper than two feet. If you're unsure about requirements for your project, call the Development Services Department.

A One-Stop Shop

Development Services offers a "one stop shop" where residents, developers and builders can have their plans reviewed and approved without making visits to multiple government offices. The office provides every type of building, heating, electrical, sign and zoning permit issued by the county or township. Customers may apply for building permits and pick them up when issued.

Montgomery County Satellite Office Hours
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Summary of Services

Development Services is home to the township's planning and zoning enforcement staff, as well as GIS and information technology services. Assistance is provided in these areas:

  • zoning inspection and enforcement
  • comprehensive planning
  • nuisance abatement
  • zoning certificates for signs and buildings
  • residential and commercial site plans
  • streetscape enhancement guidelines
  • zoning applications, maps and resolutions

Development Services Department

8190 McEwen Road
Dayton, OH 45458
Telephone: 937-433-0796
Fax: 937-438-2742
Mon - Fri 8:00 - 4:30

Zoning Manager

Ryan Lee

Zoning Inspector

Mike Scholle


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