Youth Sports Leagues

Youth Sports Leagues

Our purely recreational leagues offer the chance to enjoy the fun that comes from being part of a team! We offer a variety of leagues throughout the year including T-Ball, Soccer, Basketball, Blastball, and Volleyball. All Rec Center programs and leagues are inclusive and encourage children of all abilities to participate. Additionally, we offer adapted leagues specifically designed for children with differing abilities. League offerings vary depending on the season. Browse through our various leagues below.

Fall of 2020, we are offering Indoor Soccer League and Girls Volleyball League for more information or to register click the above links. Please note the offering of these leagues or how they will function may change based on mandates and directions we are given. 

Each league season includes a maximum of seven games. Teams meet twice per week for games, scrimmages or practices. Games and scrimmages take place at the Rec Center and practices are held at the Rec Center or a local elementary school. Due to the recreational nature of our leagues, we do not keep standings, hold end-of-season tournaments or provide trophies. 

League & Team Placement - Your child's age on the first day of the program is used to determine his or her age group. Team assignments are based on participants' time preferences and the availability of volunteer coaches. 

Adapted Leagues

We offer adapted youth sports leagues in Kickball, T-Ball, Basketball, and Volleyball. We believe every person deserves the chance to participate in sports and have fun while doing it! Our adapted leagues are designed specifically for individuals with differing abilities so all can participate.

Volleyball - The net will be lowered to approximately 6 feet in height and we will play with a large, solid-colored, lightweight ball.
Kickball - We will play with a large, solid-colored, lightweight ball and each base will be marked with a large cone and a numbered flag.
T-Ball - No gloves are needed and each base will be marked with a large cone and a numbered flag. Additionally, we will use a foam bat and ball.
Basketball - Rims will be set to 8 feet high and we will use a junior size basketball. Bounce passes will be encouraged. 

Curious about accommodations or have questions? Give us a call at 937-433-0130. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can best serve you and your child!

We Need Coaches!

Without volunteer coaches, our programs would not be possible. Anyone age 17 and older can volunteer to serve as a head coach of a youth team. Experience is not necessary. Requests for playing with a friend are not a guarantee unless your group provides a head coach. Please consider volunteering as we are only as successful as the volunteers who coach our teams! Call 937-433-0130 to learn about coaching opportunities. 

Parent Resources

Parents are notified by coaches of team assignments in the week following the coaches meeting. If you have not heard from your coach, please contact us at 937-433-0130.

Each participant receives a league t-shirt and an athletic certificate. Photos are offered for an additional charge. 

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