Robert B. Jacob Award

Robert B. Jacob Award
Posted on 11/08/2018

Firefighters are Recognized for Saving a Life

Lt. Justin Keller and Firefighter Kyle Johnson have been recognized by the Hundred Club of Dayton with the Robert B. Jacob Award of Merit for their bravery and skill in saving a life.

Keller and Jacob hold their awardsKeller and Johnson were honored for extricating an unconscious man from an apartment fire in severely life-threatening conditions on October 24, 2017.

On that day, they arrived at a three-story, multi-family dwelling with smoke coming from the main entry door and fire showing from two second-floor windows. Inside, a man was unconscious on the second floor. Two Centerville police officers had assisted him from his apartment to the hallway, but were forced to turn back due to heavy smoke and deteriorating conditions.

With zero visibility, the fire crew climbed the stairs, found the unresponsive man, and pulled him to safety. Crew members then returned to the building to evacuate six others from neighboring apartments. "The quick action and teamwork of both police officers and firefighters saved this man's life," said Fire Chief Bill Gaul. "While the victim spent some time in the hospital, he was ultimately released."

Firefighter of the Year Award

Keller and Johnson also were recognized earlier in the year with the Firefighter of the Year Award, along with firefighter Zach Eddy. The award was presented by the Montgomery County Association of Police Chiefs and the Greater Montgomery County Fire Chiefs Association.

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