Census 2020

Census 2020
Posted on 03/03/2020



Be Counted! Please Participate in the 2020 Census

Once each decade, America comes together to count all residents. We hope you will respond to the invitation you have received in the mail and participate in the 2020 Census.

  Exhaust Capture
This exhaust removal system was purchased with an AFG grant that relies on census data to determine funding.

“The census is a highly important endeavor that provides  vital information for communities. Accuracy counts and we urge all residents to respond,” said Trustee President Sharon Lowry. Census statistics impact every resident in every community. A few examples:

Funding for Government Projects. Federal funds, grants and support to states, counties and communities are based on population totals and breakdowns by sex, age, race and other factors. A Georgetown University study showed that the average community receives $1,814 in funding for each person who is counted.

Political Representation. The census determines how many representatives each state gets in Congress and is used to redraw district boundaries.

Planning for Community Needs. Public organizations use census data to plan for a variety of needs such as public safety and education.

Grassroots Initiatives. Residents use the census to support community initiatives involving legislation, quality-of-life and consumer advocacy.

Commercial Enterprises. Businesses use data to decide where to build offices, stores and residential neighborhoods.


How the Census Invites Response




How to Participate 

Residents will receive an invitation in the mail to participate in the 2020 Census. Every household will have the opportunity to respond in one of three ways: online, by mail, or by phone.

What the Census will Send by Mail
 March 12-20  An invitation to respond online to the Census*
 March 16-24  A reminder letter
 If You Haven't Responded Yet ...
 March 26-April 3  Reminder postcard
 April 8-16  Reminder letter & paper questionnaire
 April 20-27  Final reminder postcard before the Census follows up in person

* Some households will receive paper questionnaires at this time

Ways to Respond

Census 2020 is the first Census count that will be available to fill out online. Each household will receive a card in the mail with a password to open the form online. You will be able to submit your information with just a few clicks.

The Census website is secure. Only authorized personnel can access the encrypted information. Households also can respond by mail or phone.

More Census Information 

Still have questions? Want to learn more? These links provide information from the US Census Bureau:

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