AFG Grant

Department Receives Grant from FEMA
Posted on 10/08/2020

The Washington Township Fire Department has been awarded the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The grant is awarded annually to multiple fire departments across the country and ensures that emergency personnel are able to purchase critically important equipment.

The $260,909.09 grant was presented to the department on September 2. The department will match 10 percent of the grant funding, as required by the grant application requirements. Cost sharing requirements for the AFG are based on the size of the population that the department serves.

The grant will be used to purchase new self-contained breathing apparatus, also known as air packs. The air packs that are currently used have reached their end of life and replacing them will make the department compliant for another decade.

“The primary goal of applying for and receiving grant funding is to increase our ability to serve the community and help offset the equipment cost to taxpayers,” says Ian Emmons, Deputy Fire Chief. “This grant will ensure that we make the largest, most cost-effective impact toward that goal. Additionally, this purchase will allow our personnel to safely respond to events where air quality is dangerous.”

Washington Township has been awarded the AFG in previous years. Funding has previously been used to purchase an exhaust system for two of the stations and toward the purchase of a new fire engine.