Step-by-Step Business Property Tax Calculation

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Calculate Your Property Tax

Business Properties

Step 1

Determine the market value, as provided by the Montgomery County Auditor's Office. This is called the appraised value. You may also call 937-225-4326.

Step 2

Multiply the appraised value by 35% to get the taxable value, known as the assessed value.

Example: $100,000 appraised value X .35 = $35,000 assessed value

Step 3

Divide the assessed value by 1,000 to get the cost per mill (mill is defined as 1/1,000).

Example: $35000 ÷ 1,000 = $35 per mill cost.

Step 4

Multiply the per mill cost times the effective millage rate, which is 18.249179 for nonresidential property in unincorporated Washington Township and 9.993727 for the incorporated area (city).

Unincorporated Example: $35 X 18.249119 = $638.72

Incorporated Example: $35 X 9.993727 = $349.78