2022 Employee Awards of Excellence

Awards of Excellence
Posted on 07/07/2022
Award of Excellence Winners

Award of Excellence Winners Are Recognized

Five employees have received Washington Township’s Employee Award of Excellence for outstanding contributions to the township.

Recipients include: a firefighter who is a role model for new employees; a deputy who planned relief efforts caused by a devastating tornado; a recreation aide who creates new opportunities for patron connection; a service worker who takes pride in his work; and a payroll technician who overcame adversity to ensure payroll was continued without interruption

This year’s winners are: Matt Lolli, Deputy Gary Fulwiler, Kathy Klein, Jeromy Carpenter, and Kim Stevens. Their efforts reflect the type of important activities employees undertake every day, according to Township Administrator Jesse Lightle.

The Award of Excellence was created in 1987 to recognize employees who have exhibited exceptional performance. Full-time recipients receive proclamations, $500 and an extra three days of vacation. Part-time employees, who are ineligible for vacation days, receive proclamations and $750. All have their names inscribed on plaques at four township buildings. The following summaries are based on excerpts from nominations made by township staff:

Matt Lolli, Fire Department

Matt Lolli is a perfect example of an individual who can lead regardless of rank. He is a great role model for new employees and seasoned employees. He completes a task with detail and thoroughness, and shows a solid work ethic, always putting the residents needs above his own.  Matt organized and taught a swift water rescue class, educating members of his station by conducting various drills and exercises. 

Deputy Gary Fulwiler, Police 

Deputy Fulwiler embodies the criteria set forth in this award by his outstanding work ethic, attitude, and passion for his job. When given a task, he gives it his undivided attention, making the project his own and seeing it through to completion.  Deputy Fulwiler coordinates a large portion of the Cruise-In to the Ice Cream Social. In addition, he was involved in the planning and execution of a relief effort to Mayfield, Kentucky where he volunteered his time to help citizens affected by a devastating tornado.


Kathy Klein; Recreation

Kathy Klein was hired while the Joyce Young Center was closed. She was willing to do all that was needed to help the RecPlex team. She took on responsibilities to do whatever needed to bring the center back better than ever.  Kathy engages with patrons to help each individual feel welcome and heard. Kathy has found ways to increase programming, create new opportunities for patron connection, is building connections and partnerships within the community, and manages patron volunteers to execute activities.

Jeromy Carpenter, Public Works                        

Jeromy Carpenter is willing to help anyone who needs assistance. He keeps the workplace clean. He hung all the banners on State Route 725 and repaired the ones with wrinkles as well as installing the new street signs.  Jeromy is very reliable and available when called in after hours and works well with other whatever the situation.

Kim Stevens, Finance

Kim Stevens was an immense help this year as the Township worked through a complete job class reclassification at what is the most difficult time of year for payroll. She often goes above and beyond to check for accuracy.  This year, Kim was faced with doing payroll by hand when the software provider had a data threat. She worked very hard to get everything right and processed on time.