2023 Street Improvement Program

2023 Infrastructure Projects
Posted on 04/03/2023

2023 Infrastructure Projects

The Township’s 2023 Street Improvements focus primarily on residential areas. The first phase of work includes concrete curb and sidewalk repair.  The second phase includes crack sealing on select streets.

The final phase includes asphalt milling and paving. Affected streets will have "No Parking" signs installed ahead of the work. Below is a list of streets for the 2023 infrastructure projects.  *CDS = cul-de-sac

Streets that are within the program are determined through a Pavement Condition Index. When inspecting pavement, Public Works looks at the surface and edge for cracking and distress, reviews the ride, and rates the overall structure of each street. They also assess curb, sidewalk, and storm pipe and drainage which can impact the asphalt, as well as overall project costs. Finally, they assess neighboring streets and the level of traffic in the neighborhood. These observations determine when each road is scheduled for resurfacing. Once all pavement inspection is complete, the department uses that information to forecast future infrastructure projects.