Electric Charging Station at RecPlex

Electric Charging Station Opens at RecPlex
Posted on 10/13/2022
A new electric vehicle charging station has opened at the Washington Township RecPlex. Washington Township received a $15,000 grant from the Ohio EPA to install a Dual Port Charging Station. The two ports are in the RecPlex east parking lot.

“The charging station is an added convenience for patrons,” says Mark Metzger, Recreation Director. “Now they can recharge their car while participating in RecPlex activities.” The station is also within walking distance of other interests, including restaurants and retail establishments. The charging station is open during RecPlex operating hours and is in a well-lit location.

Each port charges at a maximum rate of 25 RPH (miles of range per hour) and the cost is one dollar per hour to partially offset the operational cost. There are several payment options including a ChargePoint mobile app synched to an account; credit and debit cards; and Apple and Android Pay. Directions and a toll-free number are clearly displayed at the station.

“We also welcome guests traveling through and hope they’ll take a moment to check out the amazing recreation opportunities our community has while they’re charging,” says Metzger. “It’s an important community service to provide a convenient and safe charging location as electric cars gain in popularity.”