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Employees Are Recognized for Excellence

Employees Are Recognized for Excellence
Posted on 07/16/2019

Employees Receive Award of Excellence

Six Washington Township employees have been recognized for their outstanding contributions with the Washington Township 2019 Employee Award of Excellence.

Award of Excellence winners

Ed Kuzminski, Tim Korosei, Nick Banks, Scott Henry, Nick Berry and Michael Arnett.

Recipients include: a deputy who consistently achieves one of the highest rankings for the number of incidents handled; a service worker who has performed very well under challenging conditions; a part-time firefighter who has tackled new tasks; an education specialist who provides excellent customer service; a part-time zoning inspector who takes the time to thoroughly explain township regulations; and a fire lieutenant who has improved processes for tools. Winners are: Michael Arnett, Police; Nick Banks, Public Works; Nick Berry, Fire Part Time; Scott Henry, General Full Time; Tim Korosei, General Part Time; and Ed Kuzminski, Fire Full Time.

Their efforts reflect the type of important activities that employees undertake every day, according to Township Administrator Jesse Lightle. The Award of Excellence was created in 1987 to recognize employees who have exhibited exceptional job performance. Full-time recipients receive framed proclamations, $275 and an extra three days of vacation. Part-time employees, who are ineligible for vacation days, receive framed proclamations and $450. All employees have their names inscribed on plaques at four township buildings.

The following summaries are based on excerpts from nominations made by other township staff members:

Michael Arnett, Police

Deputy Arnett has been recognized on a number of occasions for his exemplary performance in serving citizens. He has consistently achieved one of the highest rankings among deputies for the number of incidents handled, reports submitted, traffic stops, seatbelt and driving under suspension citations, moving and non-moving citations, misdemeanor arrests, field interviews and vacant house checks.

Nick Banks, Public Works

Nick Banks has repeatedly shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done and to do it well, even under extremely challenging conditions. In the past year, that has included two all-night snow events, cleanup from a November ice storm that took down many trees, and cleanup of extensive tornado damage in Harrison Township.

Nick Berry, Fire Part Time

Nick Berry’s supervisor reports that he sets the gold-standard for what a firefighter should be and that he comes to work with a positive attitude and eager to work. He continually seeks to improve his skills, excels at tackling new tasks, has provided excellent assistance with Quartermaster duties at Station 44, and frequently seeks additional assignments.

Scott Henry, General Full Time

As the Fire Department’s education specialist, Scott Henry is a kind and knowledgeable representative to children and adults in Centerville/Washington Township. He also provides excellent internal customer service to township departments, adapting his schedule to others, adjusting to changing needs, and putting employees at ease as he teaches them basic life-saving skills .

Tim Korosei, General Part Time

Tim Korosei displays thoroughness and care when explaining applications and regulations to residents, is pleasant to coworkers, and has earned compliments from residents for his patience in conveying zoning regulations. He has worked efficiently to handle a large number of phone calls, permits and inspections and has capably expanded his duties following a retirement in his department..

Ed Kuzminski, Fire Full Time

Ed Kuzminski is a dedicated mentor and leader for his crew members, performs exemplary work, and makes it a point whenever possible to educate the public about the fire department. In his role overseeing tools and equipment, he has outfitted two new engines, implemented standardized tool caches, and improved storage locations.