Washington TownshipMontgomery County, Ohio

Leaf Collection

Leaf Collection Information
Posted on 11/10/2018

Ice Storm Cleanup Information

Public Works crews have been busy clearing debris from the right-of-way due to Thursday's ice storm.

Because of this, leaf collection is expected to resume on Monday, November 19.

Trees and branches in the road are being removed or moved into the right-of-way out of traffic flow. These will be cleaned up by our crews as time and weather permit.

Please DO NOT put branches or tree limbs in or near your leaf pile. They will not be picked up.

You can tie branches and tree limbs in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length and 2 feet in diameter, with no limb being greater than 2 inches in diameter. Your waste hauler will provide pick-up for bundles with your trash, if bundled in this manner.


Leaf Collection in Washington Township is Underway

Check here for updates about where crews are working so that you can plan your leaf raking chores.

Just follow these two easy steps:

Step #1 - Find your street and leaf route number:

map Map of Leaf Routes
Street Index

Step #2 - Check the latest progress reportFind your route on the progress report. It will show where crews last picked up leaves, enabling you to anticipate when they'll reach your street.

How Township Leaf Collection Works

The Township is divided into seven leaf collection routes, each with a crew of full-time and seasonal employees assigned to it. Crews remain in their area throughout the season, making repeated passes through neighborhoods with industrial-size vacuums.

Each rotation requires about seven work days to complete, depending upon weather and equipment. The process offers several opportunities for residents to rake their leaves to the curb for removal.

Mother Nature decides when Collectionleaves fall, and some years the leaves drop all at once. Although we make every effort to collect leaves as quickly as possible, it may take longer for crews to complete a route during the period of heaviest leaf fall.

Adverse weather such as heavy rain, cold weather or snow can disrupt our schedule as well. Cold weather can cause leaves to freeze in piles that must be broken up manually. Snowfall requires the break down of our leaf machines for snow equipment, a time consuming task.

Steps to Take for a Smooth Leaf Season

We're asking residents to take these steps to help keep leaf collection on schedule, hold costs down, and reduce storm water pollution:

  • Do not bag your leaves. They will not be picked up.
  • Leaf piles that contain rocks, bottles, branches, grass, or other yard waste will not be picked up. It will be the property owner's responsibility to dispose of them.
  • Rake your leaves to the curb or edge of the street, but not on the street where they will cause a traffic hazard.
  • Avoid parking on top of, in front of, or behind leaf piles--it is difficult for the raking crews to work around parked vehicles.
  • Do not rake leaves into the storm sewers and do not block catch basins with leaves. Doing so may cause flooding to your property.
  • Place your leaves away from obstacles such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, vehicles and landscaping rocks. These obstacles become hidden within the leaf piles and can cause damage to the machinery or injury to employees.
  • Do not allow children to play in the leaf piles for their safety. Especially piles near the street.
  • If you employ landscapers for yard work, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to make sure that they comply with these procedures.