Whipp Rd Bridge

Bridge Improvements Planned for 2021
Posted on 02/16/2021

Update 6.21.21
Whipp Rd. bridge construction and repair is complete and is reopened to the public. 

Update 5.19.21
Montgomery County engineers have announced that a material problem has resulted in a delay in the completion of the Whipp Rd. bridge construction. The construction involves replacing a large pipe that crosses underneath Whipp Rd. When the new pipe was delivered to the site, the inspection team immediately noticed that it was in a damaged condition. After conferring with ODOT, the Montgomery County Engineer determined that the pipe did not meet the specifications and rejected the material. An alternate solution was proposed and the new materials are expected to be delivered this week. As a result of this situation, the project has been delayed by approximately one month with the new reopening date for Whipp Rd and Seton Hill Street being July 2, 2021.

Update 3.12.21

Bridge Construction will begin March 29 and is location of whipp rd bridgeanticipated to be completed by May 28. Whipp Rd. will be closed and Seton Hill Street at Whipp Rd. will be closed during this time. 
Update 2.16.21
Starting in March, the Montgomery County Engineer's Office is planning to replace a structurally deficient bridge located on Whipp Road near Seton Hill Street. In addition to the bridge replacement, roadway improvements, including sidewalk installation, are also planned. Whipp Road and Seton Hill Street will be closed to through traffic during the construction, which is scheduled to last approximately three months. Local traffic will be permissed and access to all driveways and John Hole Elementary will be maintained. 

The existing bridge was build in 1953 and its length extended in 1989. The bridge is in various states of deterioration with the invert being severely corroded. Due to an existing natural spring, water jets up through the invert in multiple locations. The county states that if these conditions are not addressed, the bridge is susceptible to imminent failure which will lead to the collapse of Whipp Rd. 

The county anticipates beginning construction in March through May 2021. Whipp Rd will be closed for three months during construction.