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Water Safety Clinic

Backwoods Summer Camp Water Safety Clinic

Summer Camp Weeks June 10 - August 5

Is your son or daughter enrolled in our Backwoods Camp this summer? Let's take their camp experience to the next level! The Rec Center has created a swim and stroke clinic designed to introduce or enhance campers knowledge of water safety. This hands-on clinic is packed with fun challenges, games, and important skills that you won't want your child to miss out on.  With summer right around the corner we know many children will be vacationing at the beach or lake, swimming at the local pool or canoeing and kayaking with family. We take water safety seriously at the Rec Center and want to equip your child with the right skills to have a safe and fun summer!

There are five separate stages to the Water Safety Clinic. Campers will be placed in one of these five: 

lifeguarding holding float device

Stage 1: Introduction to pool and water front safety that focuses on survival floating and learning safety strokes. Campers will learn the importance of personal flotation devices (PFDs) when swimming in the ocean or lake. Individuals will practice swimming in life jackets and demonstrate knowledge of pool safety.

Stage 2: Campers will be paired with lifeguards to learn how to identify unsafe swimming habits. Participants will learn a variety of throwing assists, lake and boating safety, and continue to development their front crawl and elementary backstroke techniques. Remember, to throw, don’t go! when someone is distressed in the water.

Stage 3: Underwater exploration and conquering the deep end will be one of the main objectives during this level. Individuals will have the opportunity to take the underwater Fire Pole plunge and go to a depth of 8 feet or more under the water! Campers will also learn how to transform their everyday clothing into flotation devices.

Stage 4: Do you have what it takes to be a junior lifeguard in training? If so, get ready to pair up with the lifeguard team and learn how to safely perform reaching assists from the pool deck. Campers will learn when to call for help in case of a water emergency, continue to improve their safety strokes, and learn how to prevent head injuries when diving.

Stage 5: Campers will demonstrate swim stroke proficiency in front crawl, backstroke, breast stroke, and butterfly. Relay races, swim drills, and time competitions will push each participant to the very best of their abilities. If you want to be the reigning champion of the pool, this is where it all starts!  

Which stage will my child be placed in?

Each Monday, campers complete a swim evaluation and will be placed in the stage most appropriate for their current swim level. If your child is registered for multiple weeks of camp and wants to participate in the clinic for multiple weeks, they will be re-evaluated during their swim evaluation on the first Monday of each week of
3 kids on a canoe in a lake

                            The Details: 

The clinic will be offered during the 15 minute break on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday totaling 60 minutes of class time. No clinics will be offered during Week 1 or Week 5 of camp. This camp is only available to participants registered in Backwoods Camp. The clinic dates must correspond with the week that the camper is registered and cannot be switched. Make-up sessions will not be available. The clinic is a separate registration from summer camp and is a flat fee of $15 for the 60 minute water safety clinic. The clinics will be run by our American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards. Register online today (scroll to the very bottom to find the clinic!)

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