Youth Sports Classes

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Youth Sports Classes

Classes are a wonderful introduction to a new sport and a great way to improve technique and skill. All our classes encourage fair play, family involvement and positive reinforcement. Our experienced coaches offer instruction to each child based on their individual needs. RecPlex programs and classes are inclusive and encourage children of all abilities to participate. If you would like to speak with a staff member about certain accommodations for your child, please call us at 937-433-0130 as we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can best meet their needs.

Class offerings vary depending on the season. For the current Spring class offerings, please see the table below.

Activity Number  Class Name  Days & Time
27001 Tae Kwon Do Beginner Tu/Th 6PM
27002  Tae Kwon Do Intermediate Tu/Th 7PM
 27003 Tae Kwon Do Advanced Tu/Th 8PM
27030 Rock Climbing 1 Tu 6:15PM
 27031 Rock Climbing 2 Th 6:15PM
 27037 Beginner Volleyball Th 4PM
 27035 Volleyball 1 Tu 4:45PM or Th 5PM
27036 Volleyball 2 Tu 5:45PM
 27060 Intro to Archery W 5PM
 27062 Friends and Family Archery F 7PM
 27061 Flying Arrows W 6PM or
 27040 Soccer 1 M 3:30PM & 4:30PM
27041 Soccer 2 W 3:30PM & 4:30PM
27049 Soccer U Sa 9AM
27045 Basketball 1 M 3:30PM &
W 3:30PM
27046 Basketball 2 M 4:30PM &
W 4:30PM 
27057 Blastball M 3:30PM &
W 3:30PM
27055 Tball M 4:30PM &
W 4:30PM
27044 Home School Climbing Wall Th 1:30PM

Read about our various classes below.