Go Right for Sirens & Lights

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  • Dayton, Ohio 45458 
  • Administration: (937) 433-3083 
  • Non-emergency: (937) 225-4357 

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Go Right

Can you hear emergency vehicles approaching while you are driving?

Most vehicles today have been designed to help us avoid hearing road noise, wind and other nuisances while we are driving. Combine that with quality stereo systems that play music or talk with such fidelity (and volume) and you may not hear the sirens and air-horns of approaching emergency traffic.

Scan your mirrors, intersections and side roads frequently to be sure that you are not heading directly into the path -- or blocking the path of emergency vehicles such as fire engines, ambulances and police cars. And, when you are aware of this type of traffic, please pull to the right for the sirens and lights.