When to Call the Fire Department

When to Call the Fire Department
Posted on 05/07/2019

Don't Go it Alone. The Fire Department is Here to Help.

People who encounter a small fire in their home often think it's of small concern and that they can take care of it. Emergency crews often hear "we didn't want to bother you" or "we didn't want all the trucks out front."

These are three steadfast rules in a fire:

  1. Always leave as soon as you hear the smoke alarm.
  2. NEVER go back in a house that has fire inside
  3. Call the fire department immediately

Residents are urged to call the fire department before a fire is out of control. When people call after control is lost, the damage is done and fire can spread quickly.

You are not alone, even if it's a small problem. Your local fire department is there to help.