Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Centerville-Washington Township Cemetery Rules & Regulations

Washington Township Board of Trustees | Montgomery County, Ohio

Adopted January 1, 1964 | Revised February 2007


It is the aim of the Trustees of Washington Township to make the Cemetery a quiet, beautiful resting place for the deceased. To be successful requires the cooperation of the lot owners. Everything which would take away from the natural beauty should be avoided.


1. No interments, disinterments, removals or interment services shall be permitted on Sundays or on any of the following holidays: New Year's Day; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day; Thanksgiving Day; Christmas Day.

2. Every interment (except infants) shall be made in an approved outer container of stone, metal, or reinforced concrete.

3. Washington Township Trustees shall not be held responsible for any order given by telephone, or for any mistake occurring from the want of precise and proper instructions as to the particular space, size, and location in a plot where interment is desired.

4. The Trustees and/or Cemetery staff reserve the right to refuse interment in any plot, and to refuse to open any burial space for any purpose, except on written application by the plot owners.

5. No interment shall be permitted or memorial placed in or on any property not fully paid for or on which any service charge remains unpaid.


Removals, by the heirs, of a body or cremated remains so that the plot may be sold for profit to themselves, or removal contrary to the expressed or implied wish of the original plot owner will not be permitted.

Property Rights of Plot Owners

l. Deeds are issued for burial plots to the purchaser when the lot is paid for in full.

2. Interments shall be permitted only with the consent of the lot owner, or the person authorized (as may appear on record at the Cemetery or Township Fiscal Office), and all interments on lots shall be restricted to members of the family and relatives of the owners thereof.

3. No transfers of any kind shall be valid without the consent of the Board of Trustees being first obtained and entered in the records of the Cemetery.

4. The surviving spouse of the original lot owner of a plot has a prior right of one burial space in the lot. This right may be voluntarily forfeited or will be terminated upon burial, remarriage or divorce.

5. A burial plot is made inalienable by interment and is not divisible after an interment has been made.

6. Except for one grave space reserved for the surviving spouse of the original lot owner (see 4 above), the burial rights in the remainder of a lot descend from an intestate owner in the following order:

a. To the children of the owner

b. If none of the children of the owner are alive, then grandchildren of the original owner

c. If no children or grandchildren, then the father or mother, or both, of the original owner

d. If none of the above is living, then the living brothers and sisters of the original owner or their lineal descendents

e. To the grandparents of the original owner

f. The surviving spouse of each of the foregoing

When there is no longer any living person who could be classified in any of the above groups, the burial rights in the lot will have been terminated.

Decoration of Plots

1. The board of Trustees shall have the right to remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs, plants or herbage of any kind from the Cemetery if in the Trustee's judgment; they do not conform to the standards maintained.

2. The placing of boxes, shells, toys, metal designs/hooks, ornaments, chairs, vases, glass, wood or iron cases, and other articles of an unacceptable nature shall not be permitted. Specifications for monumental vases or urns must be submitted to the Board of Trustees and/or Cemetery staff for approval.

3. All potted plants will be placed next to the headstones or tombstones but will be removed when they become unsightly. Any part of said container or decoration (wire, string, cord, etc.); will be removed once it becomes a hindrance to the maintenance of the Cemetery.

4. Decorations classed as "winter decorations" will be permitted from December 1 to March 10. Wreaths and other decorations on an easel will not be permitted during the period from March 10 to December 1.

5. Plantings of a permanent nature are not permitted.

6. Imitation ribbons, styrofoam designs and similar decorations do not symbolize natural beauty and will be removed as maintenance work is done on each section. One bouquet of artificial flowers or plant will be permitted if placed next to the headstone or tombstone, but will be removed when they become unsightly. Any part of said containers or decorations (wire, string cord, etc.); will be removed once it becomes a hindrance to the maintenance of the Cemetery.

Memorial Work

1. Only one central or family memorial shall be placed on a family plot and only on those lots so designed by the Cemetery as monument lots.

2. The Board of Trustees disclaims responsibility for any damage to any memorial or structure on any lot.

3. Should any memorial, mausoleum or tomb become unsightly or unsafe, the Board of Trustees/Staff shall have the right either to correct the condition or to remove same; at the expense of the lot owner.

Conduct of Persons Within the Cemetery

1. Children under 15 years shall not be permitted within the Cemetery or its buildings unless accompanied by an adult.

2. Lounging within the Cemetery grounds is not permitted, nor should refreshments of any kind be consumed on the lawns.

3. Automobiles must not be driven at a speed greater than 18 miles per hour and must not be parked on the lawns.

General Information

1. No signs or any size or description except those placed by the Board of Trustees/Staff, shall be permitted within the Cemetery.

2. The Board of Trustees shall take reasonable precaution to protect plot owners, and the property rights of plot owners within the Cemetery, from loss or damage. The Board of Trustees distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control.

3. The Trustees reserve the right, without notice, to make exceptions, suspensions or modifications in any of its rules and regulations when, in its judgment, the same appears advisable; and such actions shall in no way be construed as affecting the general application of such rules.

4. The Trustees may make amendments to these rules and regulations at any time it is deemed advisable and without prior notice.

5. All lots .and graves are sold under the rules and regulations now in force or that may hereafter be adopted by the Board of Trustees.