2022 Reclamite Application

2022 Reclamite Application
Posted on 08/30/2022

The Township has contracted to have a pavement protection material applied to several recently paved streets. Reclamite rejuvenator penetrates the surface deeply to protect against air and water intrusion. Work is scheduled to begin Wednesday 8/31, weather permitting.


Street Name                      Boundaries

Shadycreek                        Spring Valley - End 7200

Grovecreek                        Peach Creek - CDS 838

Ashcreek                            Shady Creek - Paragon 5152

Rooks E.                             Spring Valley - Clyo 9087

Hideaway                           Clyo - CDS 3371

Ole Quaker                        Clyo - CDS 1680

Still Meadow                     Wood Bluff - Pave Change


Street Name                      Boundaries

Peachcreek                        Paragon - End  

Yellowcreek                       Shady Creek - Normandy Creek

Meadowcreek                  Shady Creek - Yellow Creek

Cobblecreek                      Yellow Creek - Peach Creek

Castlecreek                        Yellow Creek - Peach Creek


Street Name                      Boundaries

Normandy Creek              Pave Change - End

Deptford Dr                       Deauville - Durwood

Please contact the Washington Township Public Works Department at 937-433-0152 with any questions or concerns regarding this project. Questions or concerns can also be reported using our website.

Thank you in advance for your patience as Washington Township invests in improving our community infrastructure system.