Road & Bridge Levy

2022 Road & Bridge Levy
Posted on 03/29/2022

Road & Bridge Levy

Thank you to all our residents
for passing the levy!

1.85-Mill Renewal 5-Year Term

Unincorporated Washington Township

Issue 14

May 3 Ballot
This article is for information only and is not intended to
support or oppose the proposed levy.

Facts at a Glance:

  • $1.85-mill road and bridge renewal levy with a 5-year term
  • Funds road and bridge services in the unincorporated area
  • Renews an expiring $1.85-mill levy

What the Levy Provides:

  • Continues current service levels for 5 more years
  • Allows the township to service a growing network of roads
  • Raises approximately $2,024,495 in the first year - the same as the expiring levy
  • Funds 40% of the Public Works Department budget

What it Costs: 

  • $91.94 in the first year (2023) for a home valued at $200,000
  • In the first year, homeowners would pay the same amount as they did in 2022
  • After that, the amount paid will not rise over the five years the levy is in effect, and could decline slightly

houseAnnual cost per $100,000 of home value*
Current Levy: $45.97
Renewal Levy: $45.97

*Assumes the house is owner-occupied

How the Road & Bridge Levy Works

Why Another Levy?

Townships must return to voters on a regular basis when property tax levies expire. This requirement provides a highly accountable form of government. Each time a levy expires residents have the opportunity - through their votes - to tell us if local government is doing what they wish. paving

Will My Taxes Increase?

Because the levy is a renewal, homeowners will pay the same amount in the first year as they did in 2022, assuming their home has not increased in value. That equates to $45.97 per $100,000 of home value, or $91.94 for an owner-occupied home valued at $200,000. After that, two factors are at play:

1. The levy cannot collect more than it did in the first year, so if total township property values increase, a reduction factor will be applied to your property tax bill that could reduce what you owe. 
2. If the value of your home increases when it is reappraised, then you will be taxed on the new value, but at a lower effective rate. 

What Road & Bridge Dollars Fund

  • Road improvements
  • Ice and snow removal 
  • Road resurfacing
  • Road maintenance
  • Striping of roadways
  • Tree trimming
  • Sidewalk repair and addition
  • Curb and gutter repair and reconstruction
  • Storm water management within the public right-of-way
  • Traffic control, including signs and signals
  • Streetscape design and enhancement 
  • Sight-distance maintenance at intersections

Who Provides the Maintenance? 

Washington Township Maintains: 
155.8 centerline miles
Montgomery County Maintains: 
23.8 centerline miles
Centerline miles measure the length of township roads, but do not take into account the number of lanes. 

Township Road Maintenance Includes:
369 cul-de-sacs
18 half cul-de-sacs
45 dead-end streets
Cul-de-sacs require more time and attention due to their circumference and the shortage of curb space for piling snow. Clearing a 3 to 5-inch snowfall from just one requires 10 to 20 minutes.

Five Years of Road & Bridge Projects

The township repaired or replaced more than 3,000 feet of curb on Fieldson and Meadowview roads as part of the Fieldson Rehabilitation Curb Program. The program restored resident driveways and areas of the street involved with the restoration. 
The Nutt Rd project was completed. This project included widening Nutt Rd to three lanes between School House Park and Clyo Rd, repairing curbs, gutters, and sidewalks. This project began when a 4,800-foot section was widened from State Route 48 to Quailwood Trail and then later, a 2,100-foot section was widened from Quailwood to west of School House Park. 
Improvements were made to Gebhart Rd including widening lanes and improving and installing curb, gutter and storm sewers from Social Row Rd to neat the south end of Oak Grove Park. The project involved 3,800 feet of roadway, with the cost offset by a $161,000 Public Works Commission grant. 
In partnership with Montgomery County Environmental Services, new water mains were installed on Seton Hill St and the road base was stabilized. Working with the county to coordinate public works projects saves taxpayer dollars and helps minimize inconvenience for motorists. The $225,000 road project is offset with a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission that is split proportionately between the township and the county. 
Sidewalk improvements were made along Congress Park Drive with the installation of 875 linear feet of sidewalk. Additional improvements are in the works for 2022 with funding offset by a grant from Ohio Department of Transportation.

Over the past five years, 33.7 miles of roadway has been resurfaced and repaired and 72,900 feet or curb has been repaired or replaced. 

trafficGrants Save Local Tax Dollars

Whenever possible, the township obtains grants to conserve local tax dollars. These grants from the Ohio Public Works Commission are recent examples: 

  • $161,000 Ohio Public Works Commission grant for the improvement of Gebhart Rd in 2019.
  • The $225,000 Seton Hill Rd project in 2020 was offset with a grant from the Ohio Public Works Commission that was split proportionately between the township and the county. 
  • $198,031 ODOT grant for Congress Park sidewalk improvements in 2022.