Emergency Preparedness

Be Ready for Tornado Season

Information to help You be Prepared

Resolve to Be Ready in Three Steps

Would you and your family be prepared in the event of an emergency? Three simple and effective steps can help you make sure the answer is "yes:"

  1. ReadyBuild an emergency supply kit
  2. Make a family emergency communication plan
  3. Be informed about the types of emergencies and the appropriate response.

Washington Township urges residents to familiarize themselves with these steps through the Resolve to be Ready Campaign sponsored by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The program educates and empowers families and businesses to prepare for and respond to a range of emergencies, including power outages, icy roads and natural disasters. The Ready.Gov web site provides detailed instructions and checklists to make sure home and business kits are complete. According to the Department of Homeland Security, residents who follow the Resolve to Be Ready Program are better prepared. 

Ways to Get Information in an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, Washington Township will use these information outlets, to the extent they are available, to provide emergency updates:

1. CodeRED emergency phone notification.

2. Centerville High School radio station, WCWT 107.3 FM

3. Washington Township Facebook and Twitter notifications

4. Washington Township web site

CodeRED Provides Quick Notification in Emergencies

In order to inform residents, Washington Township uses CodeRED, an emergency alert system that relays information to residents by phone. The high-speed messaging system can deliver customized emergency notification and instructions at a rate of 60,000 calls per hour.

It's now easier than ever to register for CodeRED alerts. Simply text "WASHINGTONTWP" to 99411 to receive a direct link to the enrollment form on your mobile device. 

Residential landline telephones automatically receive CodeRED messages.  Washington Township businesses must register if they wish to receive emergency notification. Residents should register if they:

  • Want their cell phone called
  • Want to provide a work phone as a back-up to their home phone
  • Want to provide a caregiver back-up number
  • Recently moved and kept their old phone number
  • Have changed their phone number in the past six months
  • Use a TDD/TTY

Register your phone number for CodeRED


Where to Tune Your Radio in an Emergency

In the event of an emergency, residents of Centerville/Washington Township can stay informed by turning their dial to the Centerville High School radio station, WCWT 107.3 FM.

The educational radio station has operated from Centerville High School for many years and provides information about early school closures, weather and local emergencies. In the past, 1290 WHIO-AM also has provided emergency updates. The station simulcasts at 95.7 FM.

Adopt an Outdoor Warning Siren

SirenResidents can help improve our community's safety by "adopting" an outdoor warning siren. The sirens are activated for tornado warnings and potentially used in the event of other emergencies.

How the Program Works

Washington Township Fire Department conducts monthly checks of the 12 alert sirens located throughout Centerville/Washington Township. If you live near a siren, you can help make sure it's working properly by listening for the sound at the monthly testing time and contacting fire headquarters with test results. Siren testing takes place on the first Monday of every month between noon to 12:30 pm and on the first day of spring during a state-wide test of alert sirens. 

For a siren to be considered successfully activated, volunteers will report on two actions: the siren must sound for the three minutes of the test and must rotate 360 degrees. Two volunteers are needed per siren.

Siren Map & How to Volunteer

If you're interested in adopting a siren close to you, please contact Nick Bergman or call 937-433-3083.

Check the Washington Township map to see if an outdoor warning siren is near your home. Find it here.

Contact our Department

  • Fire Department 8320 McEwen Road 
  • Dayton, Ohio 45458 
  • Administration: (937) 433-3083 
  • Non-emergency: (937) 225-4357