Safetyville Square

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A coordinated effort by Centerville City Schools, Washington Township Fire Department, Centerville Police Department, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, and Washington Township RecPlex, Safetyville Square is a fun and entertaining way for children entering kindergarten through second grade to learn about safety over the summer. Topics include pedestrian, bicycle, playground, fire, home, water/swimming, and life safety. Children get acquainted with school buses, law enforcement and fire department officers, emergency vehicles, and our child sized Safetyville Square.

Participants will spend weekly sessions in the care of schoolteachers, first responders, and teen volunteers learning about safety through songs, movies, coloring, puppet shows, and games. The children then put their classroom learning into practice by participating in a miniature safety village. They will be taught to be safe pedestrians and motorists with child sized buildings, crosswalks, streets, traffic signals, and signs while getting the opportunity to ride on deluxe big wheel trikes. Students will practice safely boarding and riding a school bus, and representatives from the Washington Township RecPlex will talk about water safety and demonstrate the proper way to wear a life jacket. 

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Classes will be held at Primary Village South, 8388 Paragon Rd. There are six, four-day sessions, each

session lasting 2 hours a day, held during June. Openings are limited to 40 children per session and will be filled on a first come, first served basis to students who will be entering kindergarten through 2nd grade in the fall. Classes fill quickly, so please register early. If you have more than one child applicant or are carpooling, send all registrations in one envelope to assure the same class. Please consider conflicting vacation times, swim lessons, spots, daycare, etc. before choosing your week and time.

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Important Notes

Please do not call Primary Village South with questions, registration information, etc. All questions can be directed to the Centerville Noon Optimists. Do not send lunch, snacks, drinks, toys, or other distracting items with your child to this busy two-hour session. Please feed your child prior to dropping them off at the school. Water breaks are plentiful. 

Please dress your child in appropriate attire for active play - no sandals or flip flops.