Zoning & Development

The Development Services Department oversees and enforces Washington Township's Zoning Resolution, the legal document that controls and coordinates land use in the unincorporated section of the township. Staff members also enforce the township's property maintenance code and the state of Ohio's nuisance abatement standards for high weeds and grass.

Taking Services to Residents

Zoning inspectors regularly take their services on the road in order to provide a high level of customer service and a proactive approach to enforcement. Their goal is to identify violations before neighbors need to call. Inspectors provide assistance in a wide range of areas – from zoning violations and high grass to zoning permits.

Start with a Phone Call

Residents or businesses who desire assistance are advised to start with a phone call since inspectors may be in the field assisting others. A zoning inspector will respond to the call and can arrange, as needed, to meet residents or businesses to answer questions. Call Development Services at 433-0152.

Development Director: Ryan Lee
Zoning Inspector: Tim Korosei

A variety of home and garden projects require a permit or must adhere to zoning requirements. Projects that should start with a phone call include house additions, fencing, patio covers, decks, storage sheds, gazebos, trellises, and swimming pools and spas deeper than two feet. If you're unsure about requirements for your project, call the Development Services Department.

Summary of Services

Development Services is home to the township's planning and zoning enforcement staff, as well as GIS and information technology services. Assistance is provided in these areas:

  • zoning inspection and enforcement
  • comprehensive planning
  • nuisance abatement
  • zoning certificates for signs and buildings
  • residential and commercial site plans
  • streetscape enhancement guidelines
  • zoning applications, maps and resolutions 

Business Spotlight Series

From a locally owned grocery store to a specialized outdoor recreation shop, an innovative tech company to a family owned landscaping and nursery - Washington Township has it all. A community that has experienced robust residential growth over the past ten years due to its vibrant recreation offerings, nationally ranked schools and libraries, Washington Township is the best place to work, play and live. It's no wonder why businesses and developers are attracted to the community and continue to make significant investments. 

Dorothy Lane Market
Dorothy Lane Market has been a staple in the Washington Township community for the past 30 years. In the first episode of our Business Spotlight series, we talk to Fred Pfeiffer and Scott Fox about navigating the pandemic, the growth of the store, and take a behind the scenes look at Dorothy Lane Market's iconic bakery.


Siebenthaler's Garden & Nursery
Whether you're an experienced gardener looking for expert advice or a first time gardener simply trying to grow some tomatoes - Siebenthaler's is where you go. A family owned and operated business, Siebenthaler's has been the most trusted name in gardening for over 150 years and in today's Business Spotlight episode, we talk to store managers Mike Bellanca and Colin Fanning about the history of the company, how they stay current on trends and what it's really like to work for a family-owned business.

Great Miami Outfitters 
The field of outdoor recreation has been growing at a rapid pace over the past decade, becoming more accessible and reaching more people than ever. No one is more aware of that than the team at Great Miami Outfitters. They have been specializing in outdoor recreation gear, programs and classes for almost 15 years and bring a wealth of knowledge to our community when it comes to making the most of your time outdoors. In this episode of Business Spotlights, we talk with Andrew and Andy as they dive into all the incredible services and products Great Miami Outfitters has to offer. 

Voss Auto Network
Voss Auto Network is known as one of the premiere car dealership networks in the country, with decades of accolades and success to prove it. But when asked about what sets the company apart from other car dealerships, Craig and Brad Voss immediately point to the employees. With a company culture that feels more like family than work, Craig and Brad attribute the success of the organization to the foundation of excellence that the employees have cultivated over the years. In this episode of our Business Spotlight series, we hear from Craig and Brad about the history of the company and the importance of putting people first.

Kate's Plate
With a passion for food and people, Kate Kennard is out to reframe the way we think about healthy eating. In the final episode of our 2021 Business Spotlight series, we hear from a dynamic team of women who are delivering fresh, delicious, and high quality meals to doorsteps throughout Washington Township and the greater Dayton/Cincinnati region. The mission of Kate's Plate is simple: decrease the amount of time spent prepping meals throughout the week and increase the amount of time spent with family and friends.

Contact our Department

  • Development Services Department 8200 McEwen Road 
  • Washington Township, Ohio 45458 
  • Phone: (937) 433-0152