Street Improvement Program

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2022 Street Improvement Program 

37 streets will be resurfaced as part of the 2022 Street Improvement Program. Streets that are within the program are determined through a Pavement Condition Index. Once streets are identified, assessments of the curb and sidewalks are evaluated and repairs are scheduled before road resurfacing takes place. 

This year's program includes:

Princewood Ave

Overhill Ln 

Georgian Dr

Limberlost Tr 

Durwood St (N&S)

Brampton Rd 

Britton Ave

Cantella Ct 

Hyde Park Dr

Towerview Rd 

Beaconwood Ct

Vernadale Dr 

Greenbush Ct

Cynthia Ln 

Woodbourne Tr

Bur Del Dr 

Thornbury Dr

Grantland Dr

Brassfield Cir

Himes Dr

Terrace Park Dr 

Boundbrook Dr 

Nicolet Ln

Donnybrook Dr (N&S)

Brookmount Rd

Freshbrook Ct

Hithergreen Dr

Shadybrook Dr

Mondelet Ct

Millbrook Dr 

Olde Sterling Way

E Whipp Rd 

Lewisham Ave

Walsingham Ct 

Ayrshire Ct

Deptford Ave 

Deauville Dr