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Showcase Series

2023-2024 Season

Goldilocks on Trialbuy tickets

By Ed Monk

Performance Dates: October 20 - 22, 2023 

Goldilocks is on trial for breaking and entering. Will she be found guilty and sent to prison, or will the truth come out? It's up to Judge Wallabee and some very silly jurors to decide, after hearing testimony from Goldee, the bickering Three Bears, and surprise witness Merwin the Big Bad Wolf, among others... (Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Puss in Boots

buy tickets

By Vera Morris

Performance Dates: January 19-21, 2024

Who’s the cleverest cat in the kingdom? Who else? Puss in Boots! Tom, the miller’s son, is left his father’s cat for an inheritance. He expected to get the family mill. Unfortunately, that went to his bossy elder sister, Gabrielle. The cat, however, is no one’s fool. He promises that if Tom gets him a pair of boots he will make his fortune. Once he has the footwear and becomes Puss In Boots, the cat sets out on an amazing adventure. It involves meeting the King, the Queen and the lovely Princess Pam, who Puss thinks will make a nice wife for his master! There is only one real obstacle to the cat’s brilliant scheming — The Great Ogre! This scary creature lives in a magnificent castle high on a mountaintop. He eats trees and keeps prisoners in the dungeon, where they are fed nothing but oyster crackers. By the final curtain, all of the cat’s plans have come to pass, and we’ve met a hilarious cast of characters, including the Ogre’s giggling bride-to-be and her snobbish mother, the Ogre’s servants and his comical dog, who’d like a new owner. (Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Englewood, Colorado.)