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Right-of-Way Permits

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A Township right of way permit is required when adding or replacing a driveway, storm drainage, sidewalks, curbs, irrigation, or any utility work along or under the road.

Note: You do not need a permit if you are working on a private road or outside the public easement.

Before a right of way permit is approved, proof of being bonded in the Township is required. A $2,500 excavation bond should be issued and signed, with the original delivered to the Public Works Department.

Utility work must have plans presented to and be approved by the Public Works Director before work can be performed.


Surety Bond Form and Instructions - Click here.

Right-of-Way Permit Application - Click here.

Township Standard Drawings - Click here.


OWNER: If the owner of the property is doing the work, a right of way permit needs to be filled out in order for the work to be inspected but the owner does not need to be bonded.

CONTRACTOR: If a contractor is performing the work, a current surety bond and liability certificate needs to be on file at the Public Works Department, as well as having an approved right of way permit.

The contractor is responsible for the maintenance of traffic while the work is being performed.


Before work can be done, the contractor should make sure a surety bond is in place. To get bonded, download the bond form and take it to a bonding agent (usually your insurance company can help you with this). Once filled out, the original bond form needs to be stamped by a notary and sign by the principal. A certificate of insurance with Washington Township as additional insured, should also be submitted with the bond form.

The customer will need to bring the required paperwork to our customer service counter. The information from the permit application and bond will be entered into our permit tracking system. Once in place, work can begin. An inspection will be required for the work and it can be scheduled while the applicant is at the service counter.

We will need the original sealed copy for our files. We will provide you with a copy if you need one.

The contractor is responsible for contacting OUPS before digging.

The contractor is responsible for traffic maintenance.

The contractor must call no later than the morning of the day work is to be inspected.

Note: If the homeowner plans on performing the proposed work, he or she is also considered the contractor and must adhere to all of these requirements.

Note: If utility work is being done, a set a plans needs to be presented and approved by the Director before any work can be done or inspected.


$10.00 - Non-utility work (residential)

$10.00 - Utility work (commercial)


All utility work within the right of way will require one of plans for the proposed work. These plans will need to show the horizontal location of the construction and any relevant existing and proposed vertical topographic elevations. Horizontal measurements need to tie to known points of reference such as the centerline, right of way line, or property line. Vertical elevations need to have known benchmarks for reference. The benchmark can be an assumed one.

Commercial plans for working in the right of way can either be submitted in person or by mail to the Public Works Department:

Mike Wanamaker
Washington Township Public Works Director
8200 McEwen Road
Dayton OH 45458


Public Works Department: 937-433-0152

The Public Works Director will review utility plans and give approval at his discretion.


Utility installations in ditch bottoms shall maintain a minimum of 24" of cover. A minimum of 30" of cover for all utilities shall be maintained.

Crossing Under Pavement

Cutting and Township standards for restoration of low traffic volume street pavements more than 5 years old and approved by the Township Engineer will be allowed for crossing involving pipes, ducts, or conduit of 4" in diameter or larger. Conduit less than 4" in diameter shall be driven or bore jacked under the pavement except as approved by the Public Works Director.

Pipe crossing of all sizes under street pavements having high traffic volume or which are less than 5 years old since construction or resurfacing of the pavement, shall be accomplished by pushing, boring or jacking.

Crossing under paved driveways shall be accomplished by either open cutting by Township standards or by the same method as above.

All material (including cold patch mix) and equipment necessary for providing at least a temporary patch for the excavated pavement is to be completed on the same day of the pavement cut. All restoration of the pavement shall be in accordance with Washington Township's standard pavement repair details.

Permanent pavement repair is to be made upon completion of the crossing and is to be maintained or replaced when necessary by the opinion of the Public Works Director. The bond for this work will stay in place for one year after completion of the job.

Traffic Control

Contractor assumes responsibility for traffic control while the work is being performed. Traffic plan maintenance and its associated details will need to accompany the permit request.

Closing of a traffic lane or the entire road will only be permitted with the approval by the Public Works Director.