Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan

The Fire Department's Strategic Plan was created in 2006 and updated in 2011 and 2015. The plan sets forth the department's vision and mission, identifies departmental values, and outlines a series of measurable goals and objectives for service delivery. Areas that are addressed include staffing, budget, communications, technology, stations and apparatus.

The 2015 Strategic Plan carries forth the same mission, vision and departmental values set forth in the previous plan, but identifies eight new measurable goals and about 30 action items to help accomplish them.

Photo of township staff with accreditation plaqueCommunity input is critical to laying the plan's groundwork because it provides information necessary to determine how well the Fire Department addresses the community's wants and needs. Input was collected through a public survey, a survey of fire department employees, and three meetings with a 20-member Strategic Plan Committee responsible for preparing the draft plan.

The Strategic Plan Committee included an equal number of internal and external stakeholders. External stakeholders included residents, public schools, a local hospital, service organizations, a nursing home and local business owners and managers. Internal stakeholders were represented by elected officials and staff from the city and township and by staff members from every functional area of the fire department.

The Ohio Fire Chiefs' Association helped facilitate the process and developed the final version of the plan. Accredited fire agencies update their Strategic Plan every three to five years.

Mission - Washington Township Fire Department provides emergency services along with prevention and education to ensure the safety and security of the community we serve.

Vision – To provide the highest quality, most effective, safe and compassionate emergency services in the region.

Core Values – Professionalism, integrity, compassion, service.