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Rent our Costumes


Town Hall Theatre has an extensive collection of costumes, ranging from elegant period garments to furry animal costumes for kids! Some of the treasures you can find are the Wildcat's basketball jerseys and cheerleading outfits of Disney's High School Musical, as well as princess gowns and kingly robes! Choose from a wealth of extraordinary costumes from throughout history in a variety of sizes. We specialize in children's sizes! Great for fundraisers, corporate events, Halloween, and theme parties! Town Hall Theatre also rents to theater companies throughout Ohio. Whether you want one costume for a party or you're costuming a whole production, we're happy to help. For more information about costumes and rental fees, or to make an appointment for a fitting, please call (937) 433-8957 ext. 2833 or email: dsortman@townhalltheatre.org.

Please contact the theatre a minimum of 3 business days in advance of your anticipated pick-up date. The theatre's business week is M-TH.

How much does it cost to rent a costume?

Individual and corporate costume rentals are charged $45 per costume, which includes dry cleaning. A refundable deposit of $45 is also required. Washington Township and Centerville residents/businesses receive a 10% discount off their rental fee; excluding the deposit.

What will I find in Town Hall Theatre’s costume inventory?

Our stock consists of costumes built for nearly 20 years of THT productions. As we are a theatre for young audiences, we specialize in youth sizes. We have western period clothing from ancient times up to the present. We generally do not have costumes for popular culture characters or costumes from movies or television shows.

How long may I keep my rented costume?

Our costume rental periods are flexible to meet your needs. As a general rule, we will not charge additional fees for longer rentals vs. shorter rentals. We simply ask that you provide specific dates to the costumer when you place your rental.

Can I rent from Town Hall Theatre for my nonprofit's event or production?

If you need costumes for a nonprofit organization (this includes theater groups, churches, schools, and community organizations), you may be charged a non-profit discounted flat rate if you follow a few guidelines. We don't provide fitting space, so you need to send one person (costume designer), armed with measurements, to go through our stock. Nonprofit rentals are self-service, so the costume designer should have their research in order so they know what they need. We do not allow trying on of costumes in our racks. We do allow you to pull extra costumes so you have choices in fittings. If you bring back what you don't want to use before your opening or event date, we will take those items off of your invoice. The costumes must come back laundered or dry-cleaned with all alterations removed. Washington Township and Centerville based non-profits receive a 10% discount off their rental fee.

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. If you would like to rent a costume for yourself or your organization, you need to book an appointment for a fitting. This enables us to make sure the costume you rent fits properly, is in good repair, and has all the accessories needed to create a wonderful look. Our costume shop does not schedule costume rental appointments June-August. Rental arrangements and pick up for summer rentals must be made prior to June 1st.

Do you ship costumes?

We do not offer shipping at this time. All costume rentals must be picked up and returned in person at our location.

What happens if I damage the costume?

The renter assumes all responsibility for loss of and/or damage to all items entered on the rental order for any cause whatsoever. Lost items must be replaced. If this isn't possible, we will charge a replacement cost, which is the amount of money it will cost to replace the item, not the market value of the lost item. In certain cases, we will charge for our shopping time to find a replacement. In the event of damage, the renter agrees to pay Town Hall Theatre such amounts as the costumer may determine for repair/replacement of any items.

What will I need to know when I call?
Our costumer will need to know what type of costume you are looking for, general sizing requirements, i.e. adult, teen or child and when you will need the costume.

Prop & Scenery Rentals

Please be aware that Town Hall Theatre rents props exclusively to other theater companies. Private rentals are not available at this time. Our prop inventory contains a veritable treasure trove of items for your theatrical production. Many strange oddities from past THT productions fill the shelves of the shop. From furniture to wall hangings and everything in between, you can get your hands on hard-to-find and fantastical props.

For more information about props and scenery rental fees, or to make an appointment to come by the shop, please call (937) 433-8957 ext. 2833 email: rrobinson@townhalltheatre.org.

Please contact the theatre a minimum of 3 business days in advance of your anticipated pick-up date. The theatre's business week is M-TH.

Sales - Surplus Auctions

Town Hall Theatre's surplus sets, props and costume items are periodically auctioned through Washington Township.

To check if items are available at this time, go to GovDeals.com. On the GovDeals page, type "WTP" into the Inventory ID field to view only those items being auctioned by Washington Township.