Curb and Sidewalk Programs

Curb Work for 2020

More than 14,400 feet of curb on township streets -- equivalent to about 2.7 miles -- was replaced or repaired this year. The program included more than 3,000 feet of piecework.

Full Replacement

Kings Run Road
Burgundy Lane
Provincetown, from Kings Run to Eagle Creek Drive

Oakcreek South
Yellowcreek Drive, from Normandy Creek Drive to Shadycreek Drive

Partial Replacement

Forest View/Normandy Green
Estates Drive, from Green Park Drive to the east end
Estates Court
Waldheim Court
Southbrook Drive, from Paragon Road to Green Park Drive 
Paragon Road, from Alex-Bell Road to Southbrook 
Norman Cross Court

Provincetown Road, from Yankee Street to Kings Run
Garrison Court

Yankee Street Estates
Tarryton Road