State Endorses Plan to Improve Holes Creek

State Endorses Plan to Improve Holes Creek Watershed
Posted on 05/09/2024

Washington Township and the Centerville-Washington Park District are pleased to announce that the Holes Creek Nonpoint Source Implementation Strategy (NPS-IS) plan received state endorsement from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) this spring. The endorsement from the Ohio EPA is significant because it makes additional state and federal funding available for projects related to revitalization of the Holes Creek watershed.

The Holes Creek NPS-IS plan identifies areas of concern based on water quality related to urban runoff and streambank erosion. The plan defines goals and objectives for each area and develops projects to achieve the objectives. As a living document, the plan will be updated as new water quality data is available and new projects are identified or implemented.

The Mannik-Smith Group of Toledo completed the plan, which was jointly funded by Washington Township and the Centerville-Washington Park District. It is a product of input gained from local and regional stakeholder conversations, surveys, and determination to improve water quality and quantity issues in the Holes Creek watershed. In addition to multiple municipalities, the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and the Miami Conservancy District were two key partners.

The full list of organizations that participated and provided input for the formation of this NPS-IS plan are included below:

•              City of Centerville Public Works

•              Centerville-Washington Park District

•              City of Kettering Engineering Department

•              City of Kettering Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department

•              Miami Conservancy District

•              Miami Township Public Works

•              Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission

•              City of Miamisburg Public Works

•              City of Miamisburg Parks and Recreation

•              Montgomery County Engineer’s Office

•              Montgomery County Environmental Services

•              Montgomery Soil & Water Conservation District

•              City of Moraine Parks and Recreation

•              City of Moraine Public Works

•              Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County

•              Washington Township Public Works

•              Washington Township RecPlex

“This plan reflects our commitment to proactive stewardship, prioritizing innovative strategies and collaborative efforts to address the challenges facing the Holes Creek watershed,” said Centerville-Washington Park District Executive Director Kristen Marks.

The Holes Creek watershed is a tributary to the Great Miami River, Scott Paulson, Township Trustee President explains. “Washington Township and the Centerville-Washington Park District worked alongside partners across the region to create this plan that will improve Holes Creek and its tributaries. The long-term health of our waterways is important to our community as we invest in initiatives that improve the quality of life for our residents for generations to come.”

View the full Holes Creek NPS-IS Plan.