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Zoning & Development

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What are the requirements for fences?

A zoning certificate is required for a fence and an application request must be submitted to the Development Services Department prior to installation. Also, Montgomery County requires a building permit if you are planning to construct a concrete wall. Fences should be no higher than four (4) feet in height if located in the front yard nor six (6) feet in height if located in the side or rear yards. Height requirements vary for corner or double frontage lot. It is recommended to contact us for additional information. While fences may be placed directly on your property line, residents are encouraged to speak first with their neighbor to make sure maintenance of the other side of the fence is not going to be a problem. It is recommended that you have your property surveyed prior to installing your fence. There are several qualified licensed surveyors listed in the yellow pages.

I want to put up a shed.

The most important consideration is making sure that the proposed structure meets setback requirements. Depending on the zoning district in which you live, required setbacks could be as little as five feet from the back property line or as large as 40 feet from the side property line. A zoning certificate is required for a shed. In addition, residents should contact Montgomery County at 225-4622 to see if a building permit is required for their shed.

Can I get a copy of my plot plan? Are there easements on my property?

Most site plans for lots within Washington Township are kept on file in the Development Services office. If you wish to obtain a copy of your site plan, please call ahead with the name of your subdivision and your lot number or your address. Official deeds and easement information are on file at the Montgomery County Administration Building, 451 West Third Street, Dayton.

My neighbor hasn't cut his grass.

If a neighbor's property becomes overgrown (weeds and grasses higher than 8 inches) or if debris is strewn about the yard, Development Services can probably help resolve the situation. Call us to report a violation and you can remain anonymous. Our department will ask the property owner to mow the lawn and/or pick up the trash. For those unwilling to comply, the township hires a contractor to do the work and assesses the property tax.

What do I need to do for a pool?

In order to assure that pools meet proper setbacks and fencing, the township requires zoning certificates for all swimming pools. A building permit from Montgomery County is also required. Pools must have a minimum four foot high fence around them, and all gates must have an operable lock.

What can I do with my sump pump discharge?
Although state law prohibits townships from working on private property, we will be glad to meet with you and discuss possible solutions to your drainage problems. Sump pump drains are allowed to be connected to the storm sewer, but NOT to the sanitary sewer. The township prohibits sump pump or downspout lines from discharging directly onto the sidewalk or into the street.
Am I in a flood zone?

Montgomery County has authority concerning flood plains. However, Washington Township can provide you with copies of the FEMA flood maps. The maps are used by most mortgage companies to determine if a particular lot lies within the flood plain.

What are the requirements for a commercial sign?

All commercial signs, both permanent and temporary, require a zoning certificate. Specific provisions for different types of signs are provided in the township's zoning resolution or you can call the zoning department at (937)433-0796 for further information.