Visual Improvement Program Committee

The Visual Improvement Program Committee

VIPThe Visual Improvement Program (VIP) Committee is committed to preserving the natural beauty in Washington Township, which includes maximizing the use of township-owned green space and supporting citizens as they maintain and improve township neighborhoods.

Residents don't need to look far to see evidence of the VIP Committee -- including decorative banners on light poles and flowers blooming in boulevards. The committee is best known for its Beautification Awards, presented annually to residents and businesses for outstanding work in maintaining and improving their property.

VIP members have a history of identifying community needs and turning them into projects. Members, for instance, developed the concept of Woodland Lights many years ago when they were looking for ways to expand public awareness of Washington Township's Countryside Park. They also helped establish the township's first mini-park out of a piece of uncultivated highway right-of-way at Yankee Street and Yanks Court.

Trustees established the citizen group in 1981 to focus on the aesthetic needs of the township as it entered a period of rapid development. Committee members are appointed to four-year terms.

Meeting Information

Meeting minutes

Meetings take place at 3:30 pm on the second Wednesday of the month at the Government Center.