Rock Climbing

Contact our Department

  • Recreation Department 895 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd. 
  • Dayton, Ohio 45459 
  • Phone: (937) 433-0130 

Open Climb

Our climbing wall is 24-feet tall and 36-feet wide with 7 different skill levels. Dozens of hand and foot holds create a wide variety of challenging routes for both beginning and skilled climbers. Bring the family to enjoy a night out of the house. Grab some buddies and take your friendship to a new level. Whatever your age, athleticrock climbing wall ability or fitness level, the wall is fun for everyone! On Mondays from 6:30 to 8p and Saturdays 10am to noon, a belayer will be on hand to facilitate your climb and certification is not required.

FREE for Complete Pass Holders
$5 for Residents
$10 for Non-Residents

We also offer rock climbing classes. To view and register for the current classes, check out our Explore guide

Who Can Climb?

All participants must be at least 4 years of age for climbing wall activities. Only RecPlex certified individuals can belay on our wall. If you would like to become belay certified, you must attend our orientation. To register for an orientation, please call us at 937-433-0130.

registerRent the Climbing Wall 

Birthday Party or Group Rentals (Ages 7 and older)

For large and small groups that wish to have sole use of the climbing wall and want to maximize climbing time, wall rentals are a very affordable way to have a fun and unique experience. The climbing wall can be rented as a 2 hour birthday party (1 hour on the wall, 1 hour party in the atrium next to the wall) or in half hour increments. An instructor is present during each rental to belay and ensure the safety of each climber. Contact us to reserve your rental today. Please give us a call at 937-433-0130 to find out when the climbing wall is available to rent!

Rental Fee:

Group Rentals: $51/hour for up to 10 climbers ($5/additional climber)
Birthday Rentals: $171 (CPH), $189 (Residents), $208 (Non-Residents)/10 climbers for 2 hours ($5/additional climber)
$20/each additional belayer (each group of 10 climbers must have its own belayer)

Belay Certification

Certification is required before belaying. Complete and submit a certification form (located at the RecPlex Reception Desk) at time of payment. Belayers under 18 must have a signed parent/guardian permission. Competency in all of the following must be displayed (without assistance) in order to obtain and maintain climber/belayer certification:

- Correctly putting on the harness.
- Tying the figure 8, traceback and fisherman's knot.
- Inspection of belayer/climber equipment.
- Use of proper wall commands.
- Assemble belay devices.
- Belay climber in a safe controlled manner including falls and descent.

Upon successful completion of the orientation, Belay certification card will be issued for 3 years. After 3 years, re-certification will be required.

Belay Certification Fees
Complete Pass Holders - $10, Residents - $10, Non-Residents - $10

Helpful Information

  • We strongly recommend that climbers bring a certified belayer as climbing wall staff will not always be available to belay.
  • Bring and present to the climbing wall staff your climbing card each time you climb along with a current Complete Pass, Active 90, Physical Express Card, or receipt showing payment from the Front Desk.
  • Orientations take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete (times vary by individual).
  • Persons taking the belay orientation must have an accompanying climber in order to demonstrate belay skills.
  • Instruction classes and wall rentals are available.