Serving our Community

In addition to our numerous programs and activities, the Joyce Young Center also looks for ways to serve our community when they need us the most. This may include a ride to the grocery store or getting connected with the resources you need the most.



Volunteers and staff with the Joyce Young Center provide rides for older adults residing in Washington Township. Riders must complete an application and advice ride reservations are required. 

Drivers can take residents anywhere in Montgomery County whether it's to the bank, post office, beauty salon, grocery store, pharmacy, medical appointment, or more. 

The JYC is always looking for volunteer drivers! The more drivers we have, the more people we can help. To schedule a ride reservation or to volunteer as a driver, call 937-433-0130. 

Washington Township Senior Resource NetworkBetsy Kohls

In need of assistance? Have questions about services in our area? Contact Senior Resource Specialist Betsy Kohls at 937-432-2841 to see how the Township can help!