Emergency Services

If you spot an emergency responder while driving, we urge you to help them do their job by "Going Right for Sirens and Lights." Our emergency responders make it their goal to provide the highest level of care. In recent customer service surveys, all participants reported they were satisfied with their care and 97% said they were very satisfied.

Fire Suppression

Washington Township ranks in the upper 4 percent of the nation for fire suppression, based on a Class 2 rating issued by the Insurance Services Office, a leading source of information about insurance risk. The rating is based on assessment of:

  • The fire department (50%)
  • Fire alarm and communication system (10%)
  • water supply (40%)

Our firefighters protect personal property valued at $2.05 billion, the second highest amount in Montgomery County next to the City of Dayton at $2.42 billion. Firefighters train throughout every month to ensure they maintain the most up-to-date skills. A Fire Training Tower provides hands-on training in all aspects of fire suppression and simulates the actual conditions encountered in a burning building.

Emergency Medical Services

The fire department's emergency calls have increased greatly over the past two decades, driven by emergency medical calls which have more than doubled. EMS calls now account for more than 74 percent of all calls for service.

Emergency vehicles are outfitted with up-to-date equipment and staffed by paramedics and emergencyemergency services medical technicians who keep their skills sharp with ongoing training. In instances such as festivals and sporting events where vehicles have limited access, an EMS utility vehicle is the first response. Each bike is equipped with first aid, medical equipment, and AED's.

During medical emergencies, patient information is often difficult to obtain. You can help crews respond effectively to a medical emergency in your household by following instructions for the Vial of Life. In accordance with law, the fire department provides HIPAA-related information.

Fire department services are funded through property taxes; however the department also bills insurance companies for emergency medical transport in order to offset the cost to residents and local businesses. Residents never pay out-of-pocket expenses for emergency transport.


Special Rescue

rope rescueThrough the years, rescue services have evolved from simple ambulance transport to processes that require advanced technical skills. Rescue can entail maneuvering into tight spaces to free a trapped victim or using hydraulics and other tools to free accident victims from vehicles. Some department members participate in specialized training with the Ohio Homeland Security Region 3 Rescue Strike Team, an eight-county search and rescue team sponsored by the Miami Valley Fire/EMS Alliance.

Crews constantly train in areas such as vehicle extrication, water and ice rescue and rope rescue. To stay prepared, they receive ongoing instruction in fire suppression and emergency medical services and are trained in rescue techniques such as water rescue, vehicle extrication, rope rescue and ice rescue.


Contact our Department

  • Fire Department 8320 McEwen Road 
  • Dayton, Ohio 45458 
  • Administration: (937) 433-3083 
  • Non-emergency: (937) 225-4357