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Zoning Commission

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The June 18 Zoning Commission meeting will be a workshop only. There will be no hearing. The workshop will be held at 6pm in the Government Center Conference Room, 8200 McEwen Rd.  
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About the Zoning Commission

Spacious yards. Plenty of parks. Thriving business and commercial districts that merge discreetly into residential areas.

If you've ever admired these qualities in Washington Township, you can thank the Zoning Commission which makes recommendations regarding proposed changes to the zoning resolution and zoning map. (The zoning resolution specifies development standards for land, while the map indicates where zoning districts are located.)

Zoning Cases & the Public

Commission members hear zoning cases brought to them by developers, residents and, occasionally, staff. Property owners who wish to initiate a zoning change are required to file an application with the Zoning Commission. Such changes are usually the first step in the development of property. For example, a property with an "Agricultural" zoning designation requires re-zoning to "Office" before a development proposal to build offices on the property can be considered. The commission hears these requests in association with a required public hearing, then forwards a recommendation to trustees for formal action. Most major commercial and residential developments have gone through this review process.

To encourage citizen participation in issues reviewed by the Zoning Commission, the township publishes legal notices for meeting dates in the newspaper, places the agenda on the township web site, and mails meeting notices to the owners of all properties located within 500 feet of the subject property. This gives the commission the opportunity to hear concerns by neighbors and address any questions.

Scope of Responsibilities

Zoning Commission members are volunteers who bring much expertise and civic interest to the proceedings. Their dedication is especially valuable when you consider that the township has 17 zoning designations for office, business, residential and light industrial uses, plus another 15 planned development (PD) designations. The Zoning Commission makes recommendations to the Washington Township Board of Trustees on changes in zoning districts or boundaries, reclassifications of property, and amendments to the Zoning Resolution. Commission members are appointed by trustees to serve five-year, staggered terms. The Zoning Commission meets every third Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Blair Meeting Room of the Government Center, 8200 McEwen Rd.

In addition to re-zoning, the commission has had a significant role in reviewing planned development districts since they were added in 1986. Planned developments provide more flexibility for developers while broadening the township's control over a development. Developers wishing to build in areas zoned PD must submit plans for review and, as part of the PD provision, the Zoning Commission and trustees are entitled to review items such as building materials, lighting, landscaping, common areas and parking.

zoning commission

Zoning Commission Members

  • Karl Frydryk
  • Larry Lynde
  • Jay Weiskircher
  • Bill Williams
  • Mike Phillips
  • Lee Snyder (Alternate)
  • G. Jonathan Boeckling

Information for Applicants

After an application has been submitted on or before the closing date, the applicant may not modify the text, map or submit additional information unless specifically requested by staff, Zoning Commission or Trustees.

Zoning case cancellations must be submitted by the applicant or their agent in writing and delivered to the Washington Township Development Services Department a minimum of sixteen (16) calendar days prior to the case's scheduled hearing date. Failure by the applicant or their agent to make such notification of cancellation within the described terms will result in the applicant being required to pay a second filing fee to cover the administrative costs associated with the required hearing or hearings. The same rule will apply each time a hearing date is set for a Zoning Commission hearing.

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