Emphasizing Accountability & Responsibility

Washington Township, like other townships in Ohio, offers a highly accountable form of government, particularly when it comes to its fiscal management. Some key aspects of accountability include:

Elected Fiscal Officer - The Finance Department operates under the direction of a part-time fiscal officer who is elected by residents to a four-year term. Day-to-day operations are overseen by a full-time finance director.

Voter Approval – Most township funding is derived from property tax, with the large majority of property tax mills voted on by taxpayers. Local voters have directly approved about 80% of Washington Township's property tax revenue. The township does not have an income tax.

Commitment to Fiscal Responsibility

Washington Township carries on the tradition of accountability set forth in Ohio law and adds its own standards of accountability.

Where Washington Township
Revenue Comes From


71% Property Taxes
9% Inter Gov. Fund
17% Fees, Fines, Receipts
3% Interest

 What Revenue Funds in Washington Township

2021 revenue
48% Fire
18% Public Works
12% Police
12% Recreation
8% General
1% COVID Relief
1% Other 

Accountability - The State Auditor's Office has issued unqualified opinions to Washington Township for many years, meaning that no material problems have been found in the township's financial statements.

Audits are required every two years, however to maintain the highest accountability to taxpayers our fiscal officer requests they be completed annually.

Financial Forecasting – Washington Township forecasts and budgets five years in advance. The resulting Financial Plan maintains a positive balance overall and a 25% balance in all major funds for the next five years.

Budgets & Financial Plans   

Controlling Costs – Fiscal restraint is practiced by budgeting conservatively, maintaining a lean organization, and pursuing cost efficiencies. The township also seeks grants which can help ease the tax burden for residents and improve services more quickly than otherwise would be possible.

Contact our Department

  • Finance Department 8200 McEwen Road 
  • Washington Township, Ohio 45458 
  • Phone: (937) 433-0152