Zoning Resolution

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Information about short-term rentals can be found in Article 7.

The Washington Township Zoning Resolution was originally adopted in 1957 to promote public health, safety and morals of the community. It provides a method of administration, establishes land use and development standards, as well as prescribe penalties for violations.  The Zoning Resolution is reviewed for updates on an ongoing basis.

A full version of the Zoning Resolution may be downloaded at the following link. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the Resolution online.

Unbound hardcopies of the resolution are available for $20 at the Development Services Department, 8200 McEwen Road.

The resolution is available as a PDF file for each article (chapter) below.

Open the Cover Sheet here. The Table of Contents is shown below for your convenience in opening only those articles that you wish to see.  Click on the Article to view the given area.




Intent, Interpretation, & Enforcement

Section 1 Title

2 Purpose

3 Interpretation of Standards

4 Extension of Essential Service

5 Township Zoning Inspector

6 Zoning Certificates

7 Certificate of Zoning Compliance

8 Temporary Certificates and Permits

9 Violations and Penalties

10 Action to Prevent Violations


Board of Zoning Appeals

Section 1 Appointment of Board

2 Board Organization

3 Jurisdiction: Appeals and Applications


Procedure: Appeals and Applications


Establishment of Districts

Section 1 Districts

2 District Titles

3 District Boundary Lines


Additional Territory


District Change & Resolution Amendment

Section 1 General

2 Appointment of the Commission

3 Commission Organization


Procedure for Change



Section 1 Validity


Agricultural District


Section 1 Principal Permitted Uses

2 Permitted Conditional Uses and Regulations

3 Permitted Accessory Uses and Regulations

4 Prohibited Accessory Uses - On Lots without Agricultural Uses

5 Development Standards

6 Residential Entrance Gate Requirements

7 Parking and Loading

8 Lighting

9 Provisions affecting Area, Yards, and Courts


Residential Districts


Section 1 Principal Permitted Uses

2 Permitted Conditional Uses and Regulations

3 Permitted Accessory Uses and Regulations

4 Prohibited Accessory Uses

5 Development Standards

6 Recreational Facilities for Private Clubs, Planned Developments, or R-5 Developments

7 Residential Entrance Gate Requirements

8 Parking and Loading

9 Lighting

10 Provisions affecting Area, Yards, and Courts


Reserved for Future Use


Office Districts

Office Residential Preamble

Section 1 Principal Permitted Uses

2 Accessory Uses

3 Development Standards

4 Required Conditions

O-2 District Preamble

Section 5 Principal Permitted Uses

6 Accessory Uses

7 Conditional Uses

8 Development Standards

9 Required Conditions

O-3 District Preamble

Section 10 Principal Permitted Uses

11 Accessory Uses

12 Conditional Uses

13 Development Standards

14 Required Conditions


Business Districts

B-1 District Shopping Center Preamble

Section 1 Principal Permitted Uses

2 Accessory Uses

3 Conditional Uses

4 Development Standards

5 Required Conditions

B-2 Business District Preamble

Section 6 Principal Permitted Uses

7 Accessory Uses

8 Conditional Uses

9 Development Standards

10 Required Conditions

B-3 Business District Preamble

Section 11 Principal Permitted Uses

12 Accessory Uses

13 Conditional Uses

14 Development Standards

15 Required Conditions

B-4 Business District Preamble

Section 16 Principal Permitted Uses

17 Accessory Uses

18 Development Standards

19 Required Conditions


Light Industrial District

Section 1 Principal Permitted Uses

2 Conditional Uses

3 Special Permitted Uses

4 Accessory Uses

5 Development Standards

6 Required Conditions


Planned Development

Purpose Statement

Section 1 Types of Planned Development Districts

2 Standards for Planned Development

3 Pre-Application Consultation

4 Zoning Certificate

5 Submission of Pre-Development Plan

6 Procedure for Approval of Pre-Development Plan

7 Submission of Final Development Plan

8 Procedure for Approval of Final Development Plan

9 Extension of Time or Modification

10 Design Flexibility

PD-R, Planned Development Residential District

Section 11 Principal Permitted Uses

12 Development Standards

13 Required Conditions

14 Parking and Loading

PD-RC, Planned Development Residential Conservation District

Section 15 Purpose

16 Principal Permitted Uses

17 Permitted Building and Lot Types

18 Minimum Project Area for Conservation Development

19 Permitted Density/Restricted Open Space

20 Regulations for Restricted Open Space

21 Development Standards

22 Development Design Criteria

PD-O, Planned Development Office District

Section 23 Principal Permitted Uses

24 Development Standards

25 Parking and Loading

PD-B, Planned Development Business District

Section 26 Principal Permitted Uses

27 Development Standards

28 Parking and Loading

PD-I, Planned Development Industrial District

Section 29 Principal Permitted Uses

30 Development Standards

31 Parking and Loading

PD-T, Planned Development Transition District

Section 32 Purpose

33 Principal Permitted Uses

34 Development Standards

PD-MU, Planned Development Mixed Use District

Section 35 Purpose

36 Principal Permitted Uses

37 Design Criteria for Pre-Development, First Stage

38 Design Standards for Second/Final Stage


General Requirements

Section 1 Purpose

2 Non-Conforming Uses

3 Off-Street Parking Standards

4 Mixed Occupancies and Uses Not Specified

5 Off-Street Parking Requirements

6 Off-Street Loading Spaces Required

7 Off-Street Loading Requirements

8 Off-Street Loading Standards

9 Extraction of Materials

10 Development Standards for Extraction of Materials

11 Rehabilitation Requirements for Extraction of Materials

12 Noise Standards

13 Exceptions, Modifications, and Interpretations

14 Permitted Accessory Uses and Standards

15 Prohibited Accessory Uses

16 Recreational Facilities for Private Clubs, Planned Development, or R-5 District

17 Zoning Certificate Application Special Requirements

18 Permitted Outdoor Sales

19 Open Space Transfer Lot

20 Park Lot

21 Sexually Oriented Business Standards

22 Indetification of Construction Sites

23 Tennis Courts

24 Residential Entrance Gate Requirements

25 Internet Sweepstakes Cafes

26 Small Wind Energy System

Article 14

Repeal of Conflicting Resolutions

Section 1 When Effective

2 Repeal of Conflicting Resolutions

Article 15


Section 1 Purpose

2-25 Alphabetized Definitions

Article 16

Sign Regulations

Section 1 Purpose & Objectives

2 General Provisions

3 Prohibited Signs & Characteristics

4 Sign Regulations

5 Sign Maintenance & Responsibility